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Fastpitch Softball Hitting Tips: Confidently Dominate Pitchers That Throw Heat

Fastpitch Softball Hitting Tips: Get Rid Of Timing Problems Once & For All This is Part-1 of a 3-part fastpitch softball hitting tips (works well for baseball too) video series coming straight out of the Reaction Time Mastery online video course… Sick of struggling to get your hitters on-time, balanced, and keeping high Ball Exit Speeds, especially while hitting off-speed and breaking pitches?…

Baseball Vision Training That Bryce Harper Is Talking About

There are Big Results in Baseball Vision Training & Technology (Works for Softball Hitters Too!)… I have the honor and privilege of introducing baseball vision training expert Dr. Keith Smithson to you… What does he do? I HIGHLY recommend, CLICKING HERE for a piece the Washington Post did about his baseball vision training, titled, “Washington Nationals Go Beyond The Eye Chart…

Effective Velocity: Perry Husband Talks About How To Get 100% On-Time & 100% Swing Efficient

Effective Velocity Helped Carlos Pena to Get On-Time & to Swing Effectively I’ve just put together a NEW online video course called Reaction Time Mastery, where we dig into the FOUR following topics: Forward Momentum (FoMo), Vision, Tracking, and Timing… The Reaction Time Mastery online video course will help hitters track pitches crystal clear, accelerate decision-making reaction time, & get ON-TIME without…

Baseball Hitting Drills For Youth: DO NOT Be “That Guy”

How to Become a Hitting Expert When You Come Across “That Guy” (Baseball Hitting Drills For Youth Included)… So, this is what I have to deal with on a weekly basis… I also want to apologize in advance, this is a little bit of a rant. Before going into the baseball hitting drills for youth, here’s some context, It all…

Softball Batting Tips to STOP Flying Open & Get Front Foot Down on Time (Hit-Bit #4)

Why ‘Old School’ Softball Batting Tips Fail And Science Succeeds This softball batting tips “Hit-Bit”, or hitting tid-bit, is an answer to questions from my readers when I asked them, “If you could have a private conversation with me, what two questions would you ask?”  The answers are meant to be short, actionable, and tips you can use today. Today’s Hit-Bit…

What Everyone Ought To Know About Vision & Tracking Training (Interview w/ KC from KCHitter)

This is the third in a 3-part interview series… PART-1: BackSpin Batting Tee: The Ugly Truth Interview with Taylor Gardner PART-2: Why I Ask Questions (And Maybe You Should Too) Interview with Speed Coach Lee Taft, and PART-3: – [YOU ARE HERE] Improve Your “BatterZeye” In 4-8 Weeks, Interview With KC Carswell I call KC, or Ken Carswell, the “mad scientist” when it comes…

Batting Timing Drills: 2 Little Known Ways To Get “On-Time”

The Sooner You Know These Batting Timing Drills The Better Take a guess at one of the biggest hitting frustrations is, according to my readers? Timing! Probably not a shocker because your hitters probably struggle with this as well.  Mine do! I always tell my hitters, the most efficient mechanics in the world don’t mean a thing, if a hitter’s…

Batting Cages May Be Dangerous To Repeatable Power

I know you what you’re thinking, “Okay, so what’s wrong with hitting at the batting cages?“ We’ll get to that… But before we do, let me set the stage for what I’m about to share with you… A glimpse into an online hitting lesson I gave to my hitter Stephen at The Feedback Lab. I was granted permission from Kyle Harrington (Stephen’s…

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