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  • The Catapult Loading System Revised & Updated Book on Amazon (Print, Kindle, & Audible.com Versions)

The Catapult Loading System 2.0

On Amazon, The Catapult Loading System is officially an Amazon BESTSELLER. The book SOLD 4,558 paperback and Kindle copies in 2017.  Not to mention, 2,873 Kindle copies have been given away in the same year!!  7,434 copies have been sold or downloaded from January 2017 to January 2018.   The Catapult Loading System: How to Teach 100-Pound Hitters to Consistently Drive the Ball 300-Feet book is where Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Babe Ruth.  Joey Myers uses human movement principles that are validated by REAL science, NOT “bro-science, to hitting a ball. With this system, Joey and literally thousands of coaches across the nation are helping baseball and fast pitch hitters, to consistently triple their body-weight in batted ball distance.

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  • The Science Of Sticky Coaching Book on Amazon (Both Print & Kindle Versions)

The Science of Sticky Coaching Book on Amazon

On Amazon, The Science Of Sticky Coaching books is ranked #32 in the “Coaching Baseball” category. The Science Of Sticky Coaching: How To Turn Ordinary Athletes Into Extraordinary book is where a coach can discover how-to teach, what to teach, and how athletes optimally learn by doing what the Top 1% of coaches do.  After surveying tens of thousands of my email subscribers, specific thorn-in-the-side frustrations for coaches coaching Little League and 12u softball kept coming up. So this book is an attempt to address all these frustrations using science, and what the top 1% of coaches are doing to handle them.


  • The UGLY Truth About Hitting Ground-balls Book on Amazon (Both Print & Kindle Versions)

The UGLY Truth About Hitting Ground Balls Book on Amazon

On Amazon, The UGLY Truth About Hitting Ground Balls is ranked #39 in the “Coaching Baseball” category. The UGLY Truth About Hitting Ground-Balls: How To Choose Baseball Hitting Drills For Kids book is to guide coaches in picking “effective” drills to help kids get the ball in the air with authority.  In other words, this book will teach you HOW TO fish.


  • The Reaction Time Mastery Online Video Course

Reaction Time Mastery

Sick of struggling with getting your hitters on-time, balanced, and keeping high Ball Exit Speeds, especially while hitting off-speed and breaking pitches?  Finally, you’ll be able to track pitches crystal clear, accelerate reaction time decision-making, & get ON-TIME without losing swing effectiveness with this “Secret” online video course you can’t live without.  CLICK the Link below to…

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  • The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power Online Video LEGACY Course

The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power

This is my complete STEP-BY-STEP online video guide to the most up-to-date Scientific research unlocking powerful, yet universal, human movement PRINCIPLES to ADD explosive rotational power to any baseball or softball swing.  Small hitters can hit like big ones because there’s LIMITED muscle needed in a truly explosive rotational swing.  CLICK the Link below to…

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  • The Feedback Lab Online Video Hitting Lesson Program

The Feedback Lab

Are your hitters still struggling to hit with more repeatable power?  Let me help you and your hitter hit the ball consistently harder guided by a simple but revolutionary online lesson program called The Feedback Lab. The program includes: 1) Clear focused step-by-step video feedback, 2) The accountability factor, 3) The “heavy lifting” is done for you, 4) A 48-hour turnaround for each feedback session, and 5) A training component for parents.  The program is based on guiding your hitters to move more effectively using key human movement principles, validated by science.  CLICK the Link below to…

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  • The Pitch Plane Dominator Online Video Mini-Course

Pitch-Plane Dominator

Discover how to get coaches to line up and beg to have your hitters on their team.  The Pitch-Plane Dominator online mini-course goes into how to build more barrel time on the plane of the pitch in 4-simple steps.  The course is a step-by-step online video guide to helping your hitters decrease strikeouts, mis-hits, ground-balls, and weak fly-balls.  The Pitch-Plane Dominator course will increase solid barrel contact and multi-hit games.  CLICK the Link below to…

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  • The Catapult Loading System Online Video Mini-Course

Sick of struggling with getting your hitters to hit the ball hard with more consistency?  This is a simple 7-module online video mini-course that will help hitters weighing less than 100-pounds, hit the ball consistently over 300-feet in 60 days.  You’ll be able to dramatically increase power without sacrificing swing quality.  CLICK the Link below to…

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The War Room

Sick of struggling to get baseball or fastpitch softball hitters to be on-time and hit with power, without sacrificing swing quality, even on off-speed pitches?  Discover the exact baseball/softball hitting system I use to teach multiple 12u hitters, around 100-pounds to hit the ball 300-feet…multiple times.  Lower your investment risk by taking advantage of my 14-Day FREE Trial to get COMPLETE & full ACCESS to ALL my online video courses:

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  3. The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power, and,
  4. Reaction Time Mastery…

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  • The Starting Lineup Store

The Starting Lineup Store



Hitting Aids & Resources Validated By REAL Science, NOT Because-I-Said-So ‘Bro-Science’.  We apply human movement principles validated by REAL science, NOT because-I-said-so ‘bro-science’, to hitting a ball. Because opinions ARE NOT facts. There are thousands of ways to teach hitting. Just like you can eat soup with a spoon, fork, or knife, only one tool is more effective. Teaching hitting is the same way. Methods are many, but principles are few. We carry products that stick to the principles…

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