Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I cancel my The War Room monthly membership?

If you want to cancel your War Room membership through Clickbank’s order system, then please CLICK HERE:  If you didn’t order through Clickbank, then please follow the instructions in this Kajabi post titled: “How Your Member Can Manually Cancel Their Subscription” (

Do you do online lessons?

Yes we do.  Our program is called The Feedback Lab.  CLICK HERE: to get more information.

Can I send you video of my kid’s swing?

Sorry, we’re only accepting swing videos from those who signup through The Feedback Lab link above.

I lost/forgot my username and/or password to get into my course/online lesson dashboard – how do I recover that?

You can always find the login page to access the dashboard of either courses or online lessons on the HPL homepage at the upper right hand corner just below the search box and to the right.

Once you Click “Your Course Login”, then fill in your info to login.  If you forgot your info, then Click “I forgot my password” next to the “Password” input box.

I want to ask you a question about hitting, how do I reach you?

I appreciate you wanting to reach out, here are your options:

  • Please do a search on the blog, using the Search Box at the upper right hand corner of the homepage (image above), using your question as the keyword.  See if any of the blog posts that come up, answer your question.
  • Post a comment on the most relevant blog post about your topic (from your search above), and myself or one of the HPL community will do their best to answer it.  You can also post your comments or questions directly to any of my YouTube videos, or on my Facebook Fanpage.
  • If none of the above answers your question, then feel free to CLICK HERE and reach out.  Everything I receive is read.  Just note, that I’m responding to these kinds of emails once per week (most likely on Fridays).  I get hundreds of emails weekly, and I apologize for the delay in response.

I want to feature one of your blog post on my website, is that okay?

Yes, of course.  Just as long as you link back to the post.

Does “this stuff” work for Fastpitch Softball as well?

Yes, 98% of the time.  The only difference between the swings has to do with pitch-plane adjustments.  CLICK HERE for a post I did on just this.  And please read some of my reader comments below the article.

I’m an affiliate and want to promote your product, have information on that for me?

Yes I do.  CLICK HERE for my affiliate information page.

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