How Barrel Enters Zone At “Right” Time & Optimizing Impact Points Rock-On-A-String Demonstration   In this video, we’ll chat about the difference between two opposing forces described in Physics as Centripetal (center “seeking”) versus Centrifugal (center “fleeing”), and how they apply to the swing. I borrowed this ‘rock-on-a-string’ concept from Jim Lefebvre’s book The Making […]

Here Are 4 Quick Ways To Fix A Long Casting Barrel… …One of my favorite hitting demonstrations to do with hitters to help them understand the need to stack the bat’s “belly button” above theirs.  A flat bat at landing can cause a few of the following things: Hands drop (CLICK HERE to fix this), […]

Demonstration On How To Take “Slack” Out Of The System (and what it means)… Here’s a great way to help coaches and players understand taking slack out of the system, demonstrating the power of the spinal engine. We call it the “coiling” core, NOT the “braced” core most teach their hitters.  A braced core is […]

Here’s A Quick Way To Help Hitters Understand Springy Fascia Power… Most coaches understand the function of bones and muscles in the body, but don’t understand springy fascia, which is: A cotton candy or spider webby like material, What bones and muscles float in, What gives muscles their shape, Made up of mostly collagen fibers […]

Here’s A Quick Way To Demonstrate Reaction Time Versus Timing… A special THANK YOU to Taylor Gardner for this reaction time versus timing demonstration.  Above is a quick 4-minute demo video coaches can use to teach their hitters the difference between reaction time and timing. Can timing be taught? Is the Pope Catholic?! Of course […]