Javier Baez Swing Analysis

Javier Baez Swing Analysis: Why Inward Turn Of Hips Is Wasted Movement…     Hey, what’s going on it’s Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab, and in this Javier Baez swing analysis, we will cover: Fangraphs metrics, Over-rotation of low half during pre-loading phase, Amazing C/T spine mobility (neck pressure), and Barrel tilt… Here’s […]

Longest Home Run Ever “Principles” May SURPRISE You…     But before analyzing the longest home run ever ‘principles’, I want to share a few important resources… Some of you may remember first reading Physics Professor Robert Adair’s book The Physics Of Baseball.  Think of the above video as the “engineering” of baseball – ahem, […]

Top-10 Most Popular Hitting Performance Lab Blog Posts Of 2019 (both Facebook & Twitter)… #10: Teach: How To STOP Hitting Excess Of Ground-balls & Fly-balls – Perry Husband long form video interview discusses: “How do I get my son to stop hitting an excess of ground-balls (or fly-balls)?”, How swing intention is great, but its benefits can be suppressed […]

Closing Eyes When Swinging

Advice On Reader Comment: “I Have A Girl That Closes Her Eyes When She Is About To Hit The Ball”     The above video, and following copy, gives our advice on a comment from one of our readers: “I have a girl that closes her eyes when she is about to hit the ball?” […]

How To Use Legs In Swing Like Rizzo, Altuve, & Trout

Answered: “How To Get My Kid To Stop Rising And For Him To Utilize His Legs More During Batting?”     Here’s what we cover in the above video: Legs DO NOT equal power – water polo example, What is leg function in swing & Adjusting to pitch height, Distance between the feet equal more control […]