Analysis of A-Rod Hitting Analysis: Perry Husband & Joey Myers

Analysis of Alex Rodriguez Hitting Analysis: Real Versus Feel, How To Be An Effective Hitter, & Sabermetrics v. Experience… Before you watch the above video interview with Perry Husband, please watch the following 7-min video of Alex Rodriguez sticking-it-to-the-hitting-man lol (I promise you, it’s rather entertaining)… Wow!  The Social hitting community had a blast with this […]

“What is the most productive practice for hitting for a 10U softball team where we practice only twice a week and need to cover A LOT of aspects of the game?” I don’t have a lot of experience coaching teams, but I do think I have a unique perspective on this… Since 2013, I’ve been teaching […]

See How Easily You Can Build 3-Dimensional Hitters & WHY Bother… Back in November 2018, I warned hitting coaches of the “new way” pitchers are getting hitters out that may be hiding under their snozzes, in a post titled, “At Last, The Secret To Decreasing Strikeouts Is Revealed” The MLB Tonight interview in a nutshell, […]

Hamstring Stretch Series: 9 Exercises To Loosen UP (Includes Ankle, Hip, and Wrist Mobility!!) I find 95% of my hitters have tight hamstrings, which includes both baseball and softball players.  Hence this hamstring stretch series.  Interestingly, the other 5% have spent at least 3-5 years in Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, and/or Swim. It’s painful for […]

How To Train Body To Be More Sensitive To Getting On-Time More Often (Hitting Jam Session #6) Here’s the Hitting Jam Session Interview Collection with Perry Husband: Why You Should Not Teach Hitters To Hit Homers? What’s The Biggest Mistake Coaches Make In Boosting Ball Exit Speeds How To Make Teaching Proper Weight Shift In […]