Jaime Cevallos Part-1 Interview: Imagine Hitting Strategy That Is Safe For Hitters     Here's what we're going to discuss in Part-1 of the Jaime Cevallos interview: How is your understanding of the swing different? Where do you get the principles and where do you get the science information from? How your understanding is different […]

What Does a Cornerback, 2 Wide Receivers, & Hitter's Timing Have in Common? (No. This isn't a joke, I promise) 😉     I have a treat for you.  In this post we'll discuss: 10,000 foot view of Perry Husband's concept of Effective Velocity, Analyze a real at-bat of one of my new High School […]

Christian Yelich Says Barry Bonds Taught Him A Drill That Changed His Career…     I agree with ‘swing down'… Let that sink in for a bit. Some are pissed I just said that.  But those who've followed me for some time are nodding their head in confirmation because they know better. Because guess what?  It […]

Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting

Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting Mentioning 1 Shocking Swing Mistake He Didn't Make…     In this Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting video, 500 Home Run Club member Gary Sheffield talks about his hitting style, plate approach and adjustments to different ballparks with Mark DeRosa, Bill Ripken and Robert Flores on MLB Central.  Some of what you'll […]

You Too Can Experience More Flexibility & Better Movement Patterns In 5 Minutes A Day With Rotex Motion Since this COVID-19 thing, we've been busy with a Rotex Motion movement experiment.  The system has been on my radar for a little over a year.  And it was developed by ex-Navy Seal Dr. Joe LaCaze, who's also a Chiropractor.  By […]