Importance Of Top Mental Health Coaching In Sports Performance Training

Dr. Bhrett McCabe Sports Psychologist Podcast Interview | Improve Mental Health & Toughness Training Coach Program For Young Athletes | Baseball, Softball, & Golf

Learn about Dr. Bhrett McCabe, a sports performance psychologist in this podcast interview.  Discover how to improve mental health for young athletes while seeing what Dr. McCabe means by “toughness training” in his mental training coach program.  Perfect for baseball, softball, and golf athletes.

Mental Game Mind Conditioning Interview with Sports Performance

Psychologist Dr. Bhrett McCabe




In this “Importance Of Top Mental Health Coaching In Sports Performance Training” interview with clinical Sports Performance Psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, we go over:

  • What are the top two mistakes that athletes make when it comes to dealing with those injuries? Psychologically?
  • Dad’s saying you need to tough it out. You need to get out there. What’s your advice for some of those?
  • What’s your advice on a player that is VERY hard on themself?
  • “To me, the first thing we can do as the coach is never assumed that they’re going to be better. I think we must assume that they’re going to struggle.”
  • What do you, and it leads into some tough talks where, we’re talking about suicide rates and things like that. What’s your initial analysis?
  • “Every coach strength, coach hitting coach, every coach should know what to do. If a player comes to them and says, coach, I just don’t think about living anymore.”
  • Where can people find you? Do you have any, so that could be social. That could be the website. I know we mentioned the beginning any kind of workshops or anything coming up?

Click Here to download the PDF transcription of the above interview.  If you’re interested in the Swing Smarter Hitting Training Podcast version of this interview, then Click Here to listen and subscribe.  Click Here for Dr. Bhrett McCabe’s website to get more information on the fantastic work he’s doing.

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