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Juan Soto Swing Breakdown: Online Directional Place Hitting Power Tips How To Hit A Baseball Or Softball Farther And Harder Every Time

Discover in this Juan Soto swing breakdown: online directional place hitting power tips on how to hit a baseball or softball farther and harder almost every time… Juan Soto Swing Analysis     In this Juan Soto swing analysis, we’ll discuss: Juan Soto swing analysis quick stats, Lower half sets directional force, Hitting it back […]

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Youth Baseball Softball Batting Weight Donut (NOT Doughnut!) Benefit To Little League Swing? | Amazon, Easton, Power Wrap, & Varo Reviews

Discover whether the baseball or softball batting weight donut (not to be confused with a doughnut!) is or IS NOT a benefit to the Little League swing?  Weighted donut Amazon reviews: Easton, Power Wrap, and Varo. Using Batting Weight On-Deck May Dangerous To Bat & Ball Exit Speed?     This post may blow the […]

Baseball & Softball Sports Performance Physical Therapy Shoulder Rehab Exercises | Dr. Jocelyn Vartanian Of Pro~PT In Fresno, California Interview

Watch this baseball and softball sports performance Physical Therapy shoulder rehab exercises interview with Pro-PT Physical Therapist Dr. Jocelyn Vartanian from Fresno, CA. “And Your Shoulder Blade Strength Starts to Pick Up, Your Shoulders Start to Feel Better.  You Add Like 2, 3, 4 MPH On Your Velo Like That, ‘But I didn’t Throw Harder’” […]


Best Baseball, Softball, & Slow Pitch Power Batting Drills To Increase Hitting Bombs Farther And Improve Keeping Front Shoulder In

Discover the best baseball, fast-pitch, and slow pitch softball power batting drills to increase hitting bombs farther and improve keeping the front shoulder in.  Also, where is Adrian Gonzalez now? He announced his retirement February of 2022. Adrian Gonzalez: Power Secret You Are Missing?     In the second installment to the Hitting Backwards: 4 […]

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Improve Turn Behind Vs Push Barrel MLB Hands Above Level Bat Path Modern Swing For Baseball & Softball Hitting | Drills To Fix & Get Rid Of Bat Drag

Learn how to improve turn behind barrel vs push barrel MLB hands above level bat path in today’s modern swing for baseball and softball hitting.  Discover drills to fix and get rid of bat drag once and for all. Accelerate Barrel Rearward Like Mike Trout?     There are a few “gurus” out there promoting […]

Cut Down On And Strikeout Never Again Baseball Softball Perfect Swing Path Breakdown Hitting Drills To STOP Striking Out & Struggling At Plate

Learn how to cut down on and strikeout never again baseball and softball perfect swing path breakdown hitting drill to STOP striking out and struggling at the plate. Baseball Swing Path: How-To Increase A Hitter’s Strikeouts? Is Chris Davis taking more of an extreme uppercut on the baseball swing plane? Is he not cutting down […]

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Michael Brantley Swing Breakdown: How Turn Vs Push Barrel Control Hitting Drills Can Affect BABIP Luck Formula | Hands Above, Dumping, & Short To Ball Good For Baseball Softball Hitters?

Discover in this Michael Brantley swing breakdown: how turn the barrel vs push the barrel control hitting drills can affect the BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play) luck formula. Learn if ‘keep hands above the ball’, ‘dumping the barrel’, or ‘staying short to the ball are good cues for baseball and softball hitters. Michael […]

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How To Increase Hitting Power: Bat Speed And Exit Velocity Exercise Formula For Baseball, Softball, & Slow Pitch Drills | What Is Good Off Tee By Age & Average High School Program

Learn how to increase hitting power using a bat speed and exit velocity exercises drill formula for baseball, softball, and slow pitch.  Discover what is a good ball exit speed off the batting tee by age, and average High School programming.  When it comes to ball exit speeds by age, here’s what I like to […]

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Fernando Tatis Jr. Swing Breakdown: How To Use Legs In Lower Half, Stride, Hip Rotation, And Arm Bar For Baseball & Softball Hitting

Discover in this Fernando Tatis Jr. swing breakdown and analysis…how to use the lower half and legs, stride, how much hip rotation, and arm bar for baseball and softball hitting athletes. Fernando Tatis Jr Baseball Swing Analysis Part-2     Here’s what we’re talking about in this Fernando Tatis Jr baseball swing analysis: Distance between […]


Increase Youth Baseball Hitting Power Teach | How To Hit Fastpitch Or Slowpitch Softball Better, Farther, & In Certain Direction | Homerun Batting Tips!

Learn how to teach kids to increase youth baseball hitting power. Also discover how to hit Fast-pitch or Slow-pitch softball better, farther, and in a certain direction. Home-run batting tips revealed in this swing experiment post… Want To ADD Between 25 to 40-Feet Of Batted Ball Distance?     (‘Showing Numbers’ Experiment REVISITED)  Question: Is […]