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Correct Head Position Swing Drill To See Ball Better When Hitting A Baseball & Softball While Batting

Discover this correct head position swing drill that will help see the ball better when hitting a baseball or softball while batting. Baseball Batting Drills For Youth: Make This Head Position Mistake And Dramatically Decrease Batted Ball Distance (Neck Brace Drill)     This is Part-2 of a 3-part baseball batting drills for youth video series […]

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Modern MLB Bat Path Level Swing Trainer To Fix Drag: Turning Vs Pushing Barrel Hitting Aids For Baseball & Softball

Discover the modern MLB bat path ‘level swing’ trainer that helps fix bat drag.  Learn difference between turning the barrel versus pushing with these hitting aids for baseball and softball. Baseball Training Aids: Long Slow Swing Fix?     It’s featured advertising on MLBNetwork.  Derek Shelton, the Tampa Bay Rays hitting coach, is the spokesperson […]

Fun Game Like Batting Practice Hitting Stations To AVOID Baseball Or Softball Mental Block & Struggling At The Plate

Discover fun game like batting practice hitting stations to AVOID the dreaded baseball or softball mental block and struggling at the plate. Discover The “Paradoxical Intention” Secret To Making Adjustments     In this video, we’ll discuss: Man’s Search For Meaning, by Dr. Victor Fankl and his theory of “Paradoxical Intention” Making “horizontal” hitting adjustments, […]

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Online Hitting Lessons Swing Science Program For Baseball Or Softball | Remote Instruction Coach To Teach How To Increase Bat Speed & Power

Discover an online hitting lessons swing science program for baseball and softball players.  Learn where to find a remote hitting instruction coach to teach kids how to increase bat speed and power. Batting Cages May Be Dangerous To Repeatable Power     I know you what you’re thinking, “Okay, so what’s wrong with hitting at […]


See Ball Better Examples, Keep Eye On Ball Drills, Head Position In, Or Still Baseball & Softball Hitting Tips For Kids

Discover how to see the ball better with batting examples from this Mike Trout swing analysis.  Learn keep eye on the ball drills and head position in and still baseball or softball hitting tips for kids. Mike Trout Video: Why Consistency Won’t Improve     …This three-part video series will analyze how to optimize vision, […]


Grip Strength Forearm Exercise Workouts To Help Pitching Velocity For Baseball & Softball (More Than Just Bat Rotations!!)

Discover grip strength forearm exercise workouts to increase pitching velocity and bat speed for baseball and softball players.  It’s much more than just bat rotations, rice buckets, and weighted rollups!  Learn from grip strength expert Jedd Johnson in this interview… The Ultimate Forearm Workout for Baseball & Softball Players Interview with Jedd “Napalm” Johnson   […]