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Hitting Trainers: Best On The Planet? [VIDEO]

Hitting Trainers: How To Filter The Gimmicks Where can one find the best hitting trainers on the planet?  That are: Made in the USA, Supported by data, Validated by Science, and Quality guaranteed… The Starting Lineup Store!!  That's where 😉  Munchie's testimonial above is for the sea foam blue wood Anchor Bat. Here are the […]

Baseball Swing Video: Truth About Launch Angles?

Perfect Baseball Swing By Swinging Down?     This baseball swing video where Alex Rodriguez interviews Barry Bonds was a two parter to this video post. Here are four of the interview's finer points: “X” factor. Why top hand and back shoulder have to communicate with front leg, Per-fect swinging down because it's easy to […]

Best Baseball Hitting Net EVER? [VIDEO]

Backspin Tee Baseball Hitting Net: 4 Mistakes Traditional Nets Make     A baseball hitting net isn't sexy, I know.  They're boring actually.  Like the batting tee was before Backspin Tee came along.  They have changed the game AGAIN!! Before watching the video above, consider how Backspin Tee frames their new ‘Launch Angle' baseball hitting […]

Best Wooden Baseball Bats

Amazon's Top-10 Youth & Adult Model Wooden Baseball Bats Here's a good wooden baseball bats article from JustBats.com titled, “Wood Bats or Aluminum Bats?” I often get asked by my parents whether their player should be hitting with wood.  My answer is YES!!!  Especially overloaded wood bats, which I'll share my favorite shortly. As of […]

Best Youth Batting Gloves

Top-10 Youth Batting Gloves: Where They Are And How To Get Them… For those interested in how youth batting gloves are made, then check out this How Products Are Made article. I often get asked by my parents and players which batting gloves to get.  There are many questions that make up a good batting […]

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Fernando Tatis Jr Hitting Mechanics Video Part-1

Fernando Tatis Jr Hitting Mechanics: How To Make Contact Sound Like A Shotgun Going Off…     In the above Fernando Tatis Jr hitting mechanics video, we're going to discuss: Fangraph stats, Catapult Loading System principles, and Staying sideways with the lower half… The following is the Fernando Tatis Jr. hitting mechanics video transcription.  After […]