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Mastering Advanced Baseball Techniques: Personalized Online Coaching Elevates Youth & High School Hitting Skills

  From Struggle to Success: The Chan Brothers’ Story of Mastering the Art of Hitting Introduction Hey folks, Joey here. Let me take you through an incredible journey with the Chan brothers. These kids came to me with a common problem – they were struggling at the plate. But, oh boy, did they have a […]

Top 5 Batting Mistakes Fixed: Elevate Your Game Today

The Batting Blunders You’re Ignoring: How to Turn Weaknesses into Wins! Hey there, fellow baseball and softball enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a topic close to every hitter’s heart: the top 5 mistakes made in the batter’s box during games. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, understanding and correcting these errors can significantly […]

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Youth Hitting Strategy For Converting Best Baseball & Softball Practice Swings Into Games For Beginners

Discover one of our seven powerful hitting strategies for converting the best baseball or softball practice swings into game swings, for beginners.  This is a video Alejandro “Hando” Carrasco did when he came into town to hit.  Follow him on Twitter here.     Summary of Hitting Strategy #5: Get It Get It Rounds In […]


How To Hit A Softball With Power: Modern Swing Science Vs Traditional Batting Myths

Ever wondered how to hit a softball with power that leaves spectators in awe? Dive deep into the fusion of modern swing science and time-honored batting techniques. This comprehensive guide unravels the secrets behind girl softball batting techniques, fastpitch softball hitting tips, and the revolutionary science swing drills suitable for youth and high school players. […]


Arm Protective Sleeves For Baseball Youth Pitchers Safe? | Can Kinetic Arm Help Provide Treatment To AVOID Tommy John Surgery OR Little League Shoulder?

Discover whether arm protective sleeves are safe for baseball youth pitchers, and learn whether the Kinetic Arm can help provide early “treatment” to AVOID Tommy John surgery AND little league shoulder.  Real time data suggests the Kinetic Arm reduces elbow stress by 30%! Protective Arm Sleeves for Kids: Overprotective Parenting or a Game-Changing Innovation? Hey […]

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Effective Velocity Formula Breakdown: Best High Level Front Arm Bat Path Baseball & Softball Swing

  What you’ll learn in this Effective Velocity formula breakdown…Discover the REAL “high level” front arm bat path baseball and softball swing.  That is IF you’re looking for your hitters to hit their max, or close to their max, ball exit speeds: Get 100% on-time… Use 100% most effective swing… And strike the ball 100% […]