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Committing To College Baseball: A How-To VIDEO

“Committed: The Guide to Developing College Ready Recruits from Middle School Through High School” Committing to College Baseball Book by Bryan Eisenberg & Walter Beede     Here’s what Bryan Eisenberg, Walter Beede, and I discuss in the above committing to college baseball interview: What are the top-3 kid raising pitfalls parents fall into in […]

Baseball Mental Game Tips VIDEO

“What Do You Mean by You Can’t ‘Try’ To Hit?” – Joe Yurko Interview on the Baseball Mental Game     In this baseball mental game interview with Coach Joe Yurko, we go over a little sports psychology.  One of my favorite subjects when it comes to hitting a ball!!  Interestingly, I published this interview […]


Sports Video Analysis Software For Baseball [VIDEO]

What Sports Video Analysis Software Do You Use With Your Hitters? Interview with Powerchalk Founder Chaz Henry…     In this sports video analysis software interview with Powerchalk founder Chaz Henry, we discuss… What sports video analysis software do you use? Who is Chaz Henry? What’s his background in? The fascinating history of Powerchalk and […]

Baseball Workouts: “Game Day” Guy VIDEO

Baseball Workouts: “I Think We’d Like to Tell Guys More Than Seeing How They’re Pitching Him…See How They’re Adjusting to Them…”     Here’s what we cover in this baseball workouts Geoff “The Game Day Guy” Rottmayer interview (you can 2X the video speed above, if wanting to watch video in half the time): What are […]

Private Baseball Lessons Near Me Video Interview

Private Baseball Lessons Near Me: “I saw 6000 guys; I didn’t see anybody who could hit a curveball. It’s like, how are we not hitting a curveball?”     In this private baseball lessons near me video, we interview a good friend of mine Coach Bill Masullo out of Pennsylvania.  His company is of the […]

Baseball Pitching Training [VIDEO]

Top Two Mistakes That Coaches Are Making In Baseball Pitching Training?     Here’s what we cover in this baseball pitching training interview with my pitching coach Michael Gillen from PitcherPerfectPro.com: (about 29-minute read time) Give us a little look at your baseball pitching training setup over there… Who you are, the kind of your […]