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Load Stride: How To Fix Lower Body Swing Mechanics, Weight Distribution, & Proper Footwork For Beginning Baseball & Softball Hitters

Discover the load and stride!  Learn how to fix lower body swing mechanics, weight distribution, and proper footwork for beginning baseball and softball hitters. Gain Distance The Easy Way PART 1     We’re going over: How to feel lighter in the Final Turn using the rule of Un-Weighting, Moving the body forward to create […]


Best Launch Angles For Distance: How To Hit Line Drives & Square Up Baseball Instead Of Hitting Ground Balls

Discover the best launch angles for batted ball distance, and learn how to hit more line drives and square up the baseball or softball instead of hitting too many ground balls. Check out this interview with EffectiveVelocity.com’s Perry Husband… Why You SHOULD NOT Teach Hitters To Hit Homers?     Here’s the Hitting Jam Session […]

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Do Push Barrel Path Hitting Drills Fix Steep Swinging Under Ball Swing For Baseball & Softball Players?

Discover if push barrel path hitting drills fix a steep swinging under the ball swing for baseball and softball players… The Sooner You Know ‘Swinging Down’ Can Be A Disaster The Better This is bad| https://t.co/dDmbYt1OZt pic.twitter.com/BRld6yav7i — Sean T. Plouffe ➪ ⚾️ (@airplouffe86) October 2, 2017 The funny thing is… That was actually ME […]


Swing PreLoad And Coil Hitting Drills For Power To Increase Bat Speed At Home For Baseball & Softball Beginners

Discover swing preload and coil hitting drills for power learning how to increase bat speed at home for baseball and softball beginners. What Everybody Ought to Know About Softball Batting Drills for Power…     This softball batting drills for power “Hit-Bit”, or hitting tid-bit, is an answer to questions from my readers when I […]


Hitting Drills To Use Legs, Footwork, & Ground Forces In Baseball And Softball Swing According To Matt Nokes

Matt Nokes REVEALS hitting drills to use the legs, proper footwork, and ground forces in baseball and softball swing… (UPDATE: this webinar is no longer available, but there’s great information shared here) Learn 3 Things Hitters Can Do To Make Them Irresistibly Attractive To Recruiters   In this post, I have the privilege of sharing […]