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Youth Game Day Mental Approach Hitting Training For Baseball & Softball | How To Get Better At 2 Strike Batting & Most Important Psychology And Anxiety Tips

Baseball Workouts: “I Think We’d Like to Tell Guys More Than Seeing How They’re Pitching Him…See How They’re Adjusting to Them…” – The Game Day Guy     Learn about youth “Game Day Guy”, Geoff Rottmayer’s mental approach hitting training for baseball and softball players.  Discover how to get better at two strike batting and […]

Hit More Hard Line Drive Lasers Up The Middle For Baseball & Softball | Fix Swinging Under Ball, STOP Pop Ups, & Why Too Many Ground Balls? | Beginner Hitting Drills You Can Do At Home By Yourself

Hitting Baseball Drills: What Leads to Hitting More “Predictable” Line Drives and Less Strikeouts? Discover how to hit more hard line drive lasers, up the middle, for baseball and softball players.  Fix swinging under the ball too much, STOP excessive pop ups, and figure out WHY you’re hitting too many ground balls.  Learn beginner hitting […]


Baseball & Softball Preloading Hitting Torque OR Use Lower Half Hip Rotation For Power? | Swing Drills Over Rotating Experiment

How Much Ball Exit Speed Does Lower Body Contribute To A High Level Swing?   In this baseball and softball video post, we’ll be looking at whether preloading upper body hitting torque or using lower half hip rotation contributes for more power.  Check out this swing drills over rotating experiment… Do you consider yourself an […]


When To Use Front Foot Hitting Technique, Where Does Stride Foot Land, Batting Step Length, & Should You No Stride For Baseball And Softball Swing?

Answering Baseball Stride Drills Reader Question: “How Important Is Forward Momentum I Know We Must Go Forward But Does It Matter If Stride Is Big Or Small?”   Learn the answers to the following questions: when to use front foot hitting technique, where does the stride foot land, batting step length, and should you use […]


Good Aggressive Plate Discipline Hitting Approach For Baseball & Softball Players 2022 | High School Mindset By Count & How To Pull

Matt Holliday Part-3: How to Optimize Vision, Tracking, and Timing   Good hitting approach teaching plate discipline for baseball and softball players in 2022.  Aggressive High School hitting mindset by zero or one strike count, and how to pull the ball OR go to the opposite field. …In this Matt Holliday video we’re mourning the loss of […]


Correct Head Position And Movement, See Ball Better, & Keep Eye On Ball For Baseball And Softball Hitters 2022 | Keep Head Still Batting Swing Drills

You Too Can STOP Head Movement With The Snapping Towel Drill     Discover correct head position, head movement, see the ball better, and how to keep your eye on the ball for baseball and softball hitters in 2022.  Learn how to keep head still with this batting swing drill. Look, I’m not going to […]

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Youth Hitting Fundamentals Why Squishing Bug Bad For Baseball & Softball In 2022? | Basic How To Hit In Certain Direction Beginner Swing Tips Experiment For 10 Years Olds & Younger

Baseball Swing Mechanics Experiment: Squash The Bug Ineffective?   This post discusses youth hitting fundamentals of why squishing the bug is bad for baseball and softball players in 2022?  Learn basic how to hit the ball in a certain direction beginner swing tips experiment.  This information is great for 10-year old’s and younger. Question: Do […]


Fun Youth Hitting Drills To Fix Bat Drag For Baseball & Softball Players | What Causes, What Is It, How To Cure & Stop Tips For Batting Swing Beginners

#1 Youth Baseball Swing Fix To Deflating Bat Speed     This newly UPDATED article (video isn’t updated) presents a fun youth hitting drills approach to help fix bat drag for baseball and softball players.  We go over what causes and what is bat drag, how to cure and stop it tips for batting swing […]