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Bownet: Here’s A Quick Way To Hit ANYWHERE

Bownet: The Swiss Army Knife Of Hitting Nets

Bownet: Here's A Quick Way To Hit ANYWHERE

Bownet Big Mouth hitting net for baseball & softball

Recently, I’ve had a few hitting lessons during the week where we have to hit at an outdoor field with lights because it gets dark too soon.

At this field, there are two nice tunnel hitting cages, and the park rents the field and facilities out to local leagues for use  (By the way, this park was paid for by public taxes).  

Unfortunately, the cages are locked even when there isn’t a team practicing.  So, what is a coach, parent, or instructor to do when you show up for a hitting lesson, practice, or tournament and don’t have access to a cage?

Take out my Bownet Big Mouth “sock” hitting net of course!

In this BEST-OF hitting net post, we’ll go over:

  • BowNet benefits, and introduce a…
  • Limited Time ONLY coupon code.

The Bownet makes any kind of practice – anywhere – possible…it’s uniquely designed, easy to use, completely portable, and conveniently versatile


BowNet Benefits

Bownet: The Swiss Army Knife Of Hitting Nets

Bownet Big Mouth hitting net customer reviews on Amazon.com

  • 7X7 Hitting Area – more compact than the Jugs Pop-out net…and makes hitting in your garage or basement “do-able”,
  • The “socknet feature” cuts cleanup time in half, which means less wasted time and more quality cuts,
  • BowNet’s unique award winning “Square-Plus” design catches & protects MORE than any popular hitting net (in other words, it stops more mis-hits),
  • 7-key uses for the Bownet: 1) tee work, 2) soft toss, 3) front toss protection, 4) backstop for hitter, 5) catcher for pitchers, 6) catch target for fielders, and 7) mini-driving range for avid golfers,
  • So easy an 8-year-old can set up and take down (true story!!),
  • Comes with an easy to carry padded carrying case (overall weight, not more than 15-pounds),
  • Sets up in less than 180-seconds,
  • Stable even on windy days (comes with two grass spikes to anchor down, just in case), and
  • Super customer service and a 1-year limited warranty…


Limited Time ONLY Coupon Code

I was required to purchase about a dozen of these before I could sell them.  This was part of Bownet’s distributor policy.  So I need to liquidate my inventory.  The catch?  The following $30 OFF coupon code is only good for 7 orders.  I’ll even throw in life-time access to The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power Course for free (a $67-97 value) to each of the seven orders.

This deal is valid at my safe and secure online store (look for “HTTPS” in domain name), TheStartingLineupStore.com.  Here’s how to order…

STEP-1: Click Here to Place Your BowNet Order

  • STEP-2: CLICK HERE for a Step-By-Step video on how to apply the BOWNET30TRUTH $30 OFF Coupon Code to your order.  The preceding video link was shot after featuring a ProHammer coupon code that is no longer available, but the process is still the same.
  • STEP-3: Once I receive your order, I’ll send you login access to The Truth Course.  You’ll get access within 24-hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Limit one coupon use per customer.  You don’t want to show up to a field for a hitting lesson or tournament and not have a backup plan for your hitters in case the field’s facilities are unavailable.  This deal won’t last long.  Only the people on my email list are being notified of this deal.  Once the seven are purchased, the $30 Coupon Code and The Truth Course deal expires.

And, if you’re reading this after the deal expires, I apologize for pulling an “Apple” product stunt on you.  My wife is making me clean house, so I have to move these fast 🙁

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