Rope Bat Review Baseball Softball Hitting Training Aid How To Hit To Opposite Field

Rope Bat Review: Best Place Hitting Aid Drill To Hit Opposite Field Home Runs For Baseball, Softball, & Slow Pitch Pull Hitters

In this Rope Bat review, discover the best place hitting aid training drill to hit opposite field home runs for baseball, fastpitch softball, and slow pitch softball pull hitters!

What Is The #1 Pitch Location Focus Against Hitters?



Now, if you guessed down or outside, then you’re on the right track. How do we teach hitters to consistently smash the ball to the opposite field? Two things MUST be considered:

  1. When the barrel enters the zone, and…
  2. Where the contact point is.

One of my favorite hitting aids for feeling this is the Rope Bat. In the above video, I  demonstrate one of my favorite ways to teach hitters how to consistently smash the ball to the opposite field, which I call the “Deep, Deep” opposite field hitting drill.

But before I get there, let’s talk about setup.  You’ll notice I’m in a small confined space for those parents that have the same challenge with being able to work on hitting stuff.

Like I said, there are two things you want to be concerned with: when the barrel enters the zone and where the contact point is.  For this drill we’ll only setup the two (of three) catcher’s glove markers for Deep, Deep…

  • Set baseball or softball right under where the real catcher’s glove would be, and
  • Set another baseball or softball right under where a catcher’s glove would be IF his glove were inline with the hitter’s back foot.

Click this link to see contact points batting tee setup.   If throwing LIVE, then make sure that whoever is throwing is targeting middle away or middle down in the zone.

And what we can do with the rope bat is we can get the hitter to feel deep deep deep barrel, deep contact by knocking off the back catcher’s glove, the real catcher’s glove and then passing right over the deep contact point. So we want to let it get deep and hit it deep.

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