How To Increase Softball Hitting Power & Ball Exit Speed Dramatically Like Oklahoma

How To Increase Softball Hitting Power & Ball Exit Speed Dramatically Like Oklahoma

How To Increase Softball Hitting Power & Ball Exit Speed Dramatically Like Oklahoma

Discover how to increase softball hitting power and ball exit speed dramatically like the Oklahoma Sooners did five times in the last eight years (2020 championship was cancelled, so actually five of last seven years!)Perry Husband takes us on his journey…

Unleash Your Daughter’s Softball Superpowers: Let’s Take Her Hitting Skills to the Next Level


Before getting into a video that Perry put together, you MUST click here to watch this short clip on Instagram of Carlos Pena talking about the difference between Otani/Judge hard hit rate and sweet spot% versus Arraez…



As a devoted softball player parent, passionate coach, and or busy parent, you embody the spirit of a true superhero. Your dedication to your career, family, and softball is nothing short of remarkable. I understand that your daughter’s hitting skills are a top priority for you, and I’m here to help you unleash her softball superpowers and take her game to new heights!

Imagine the thrill of watching your daughter confidently step up to the plate, armed with the knowledge and skills to hit the ball with extraordinary power and precision. That’s the dream we’re going to turn into reality together.

Softball hitting is an art that combines science, technique, and sheer determination. And as a fellow hitting enthusiast, coach, and advisor, I’m excited to share with you some helpful suggestions that will revolutionize your approach to coaching and empower your daughter to become a hitting sensation.

What is Exit Velocity and Why is it Important?

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of softball hitting physics and biomechanics. Understanding the concept of exit velocity is key to unlocking the true potential of your daughter’s swing. Exit velocity measures the force with which the ball leaves the bat, and it’s a game-changer in determining offensive prowess. By aligning impeccable timing, synchronized swing movements, and solid contact, we can achieve optimal exit velocity, just like the champions of the game.



But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s explore the fascinating science behind the moment of impact. I want you to visualize a moment captured in a sports science episode, where Jenny Finch and Perry Husband examined the force exerted when a softball collides with a plexiglass measuring device. The power generated by a softball surpasses that of a baseball, thanks to the weight and physics at play. It’s these nuances that make softball a unique and thrilling sport.

Now, let’s focus on the tools of the trade. The weight difference between a softball bat and a baseball bat can significantly impact the game. With the lighter weight of the softball bat, there’s room for vibration and energy loss upon impact. But fear not! We’ll show you techniques to minimize energy loss, ensuring every hit counts and your daughter’s power shines through.

‘100 – 100’: Oklahoma Softball’s Successful Hitting Strategy

As we journey together, we’ll delve into the secrets of Oklahoma’s successful offensive strategy—our beloved ‘100-100’ mantra. This concept revolves around achieving 100% on-time contact with 100% of our most potent and efficient swing. And here’s the clincher: even near-perfect hits can result in remarkable plays. So, let’s aim for the stars while understanding that hitting a round ball with a round bat absolutely perfect is a rare gem we’ll continuously strive for.

Ground balls aren’t necessarily the enemy. While an uppercut swing aiming for a specific trajectory might be ineffective, hitting the ball in line with the pitch can be highly successful. Oklahoma’s ground balls are hard-hit, leading to higher batting averages. And hey, even a slight miss-hit can turn into a home run if it falls within the sweet spot range. It’s all about finding that balance between perfection and maximizing results.

What Does the ‘100 – 100’ Strategy Mean?

Now, let’s talk strategy. Our approach isn’t solely about hitting home runs; it’s about maximizing the benefits of 100-100 contact. By aiming to be 100% on time with 100% of a mechanically perfect swing, we’ll strike the ball as close to perfect as possible. Even miss-hits can turn out to be fortuitous strokes of luck. We’re turning the game on its head, demonstrating that there’s beauty in hitting that defies perfection.


As you navigate the demands of your career, family, and coaching commitments, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’m here to provide you with resources, tips, and support every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or assistance you may need. Together, we’ll find ways to streamline your time and energy, ensuring you can excel both on the field and in your professional life.

So, let’s unleash your daughter’s softball superpowers! Let’s transform her hitting skills and elevate her game to the next level. Together, we’ll make softball history and inspire a new generation of hitting champions.

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