Best Way To Avoid Getting Hit By Thrown Baseball Or Softball

How To Avoid Fear Of Getting Hit By Baseball Or Softball Thrown At You While Batting | Drills Teaching To Overcome Phobia & Scared Kids At The Plate

Learn how to avoid fear of getting hit by the baseball or softball thrown at you while batting.  Discover simple drills that teach how to overcome phobia and scared kids at the plate.

Baseball Batting Tricks: Putting Fear in the Corner



This baseball batting tricks “Hit-Bit”, or hitting tid-bit, is an answer to questions from my readers when I asked them, “If you could have a private conversation with me, what two questions would you ask?”  The answers are meant to be short, actionable, and tips you can use today.Baseball Batting Tricks Hit-Bit #1: Don't Be Scared of the Ball

Today’s Hit-Bit answers the reader question:

“How do you remove fear out of a “scared” hitter? Peer vs Peer What exercises do you use in off a tee?”

We go over:

  1. Fear will always be there,
  2. Get comfortable with baby steps, and
  3. Drills for getting comfortable in the box…


Fear will Always be There

fear is always there, or else we’d all just walk in front of oncoming trains.  We have to shrink fear down, and push it to the corner where it belongs.

Get Comfortable with Baby Steps

In order to do this, we have to equip hitters on how to deal with a particular “fear of”, that’s getting in the way of success.


Drills for Getting Comfortable in the Box

We’ll talk about baseball batting tricks and strategies young hitters should be practicing, then we’ll go into how to practice it in a safe environment.  And most importantly, we’ll build the hitter’s self confidence by tweaking the practice to apply “the move” in a real game situation.

Make sure when the hitter practices “turning away” ONLY, they don’t take a shortcut by NOT striding (like me in the video).  FYI, future Hit-Bit videos will between two to three minutes long.

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