FIX Head Movement & Pulling Head Off Baseball Or Softball

FIX Head Movement, Pulling Off Ball, Stepping Out Of Box, And Overcoming Hitting Fear In Baseball & Softball | How Batters Keep Eye On Ball & See Better


Learn how to FIX head movement, pulling head off the ball, stepping out of the box, and overcoming the fear of getting hit in baseball and softball.  Discover how great batters keep their eye on the ball and see it better.

Stop Hitter From Pulling Their Head Out Before Contact Is Even Made



That’s a comment someone made about one of their biggest frustrations with hitting right now.  The above video will fix it!  A BIG thank you to Coach Matt Nokes for this!

The following is the bullet point outline to the above video…ENJOY!


Swinging Across Face Drill

In this drill video, we discuss:

  • Define Swinging Across Face v. Chasing Face,
  • Where eyes go, head follows, and where head goes, body follows,
  • Process v. Performance,
  • Over-swinging and control, and
  •  Regression-progressions:
    • Beginner – Dry and tee swings
    • Intermediate – Soft toss and LIVE swings
    • Advanced – LIVE swings, 2-plate, random pitch
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  1. Djura
    Djura says:

    Nice article… you know I love hitting across your face and across your chest… I would like to add some other ideas but I don’t want to be that guy ?

    Nice. Thanks and happy new year.


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