Best Youth Grip For Baseball Or Softball Swing Drills Vs Split Hit More Line Drives

Best Youth Grip For Baseball Or Softball Swing Drills Vs Split: Hit More Line Drives


Best Youth Grip For Baseball Or Softball Swing Drills Vs Split Hit More Line Drives

Discover the best youth batting grip for baseball or softball swing drills – Finger Pressure versus the Split Grip.  Learn how to hit more line drives today…

The Importance of Finding the Grip for Baseball or Softball Swing Drills

Hey there swing enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered about the power that lies within a grip? Lets dive into the world of baseball swings and explore the aspects of biomechanics, finger pressure and the semi-popular split grip technique.




Understanding the Impact of Finger Pressure

Our hands play a role in our swing mechanics. Just think about it, nearly half of our motor learning capacity is dedicated to hand functions. That’s why comprehending how finger pressure influences our swings can truly revolutionize our game. It helps establish a connection between our mind, hands and body.

Here are a couple helpful articles:

  1. ScienceDirect – Dominant-hand to nondominant-hand grip-strength ratios of college baseball players, and
  2. PoliquinPerformance – Why & How To Use Thick Bar Training for Peak Performance – Training with a fat grip is the way to go.

A Personal Journey; Transforming from Mediocrity

Back in my high school days, I was an average hitter until one summer, before my junior year when I decided to adjust my grip. What do you know? It worked like magic! Suddenly I started hitting home runs and doubles in every direction!

Explore the Science; Hand Tension

A swing experiment I conducted revealed how hand tension can have effects, on performance – it can increase bat speeds improve attack angles and more.

An Engineering Perspective on Swinging

Have you ever heard of Homer Kelly? He’s an individual who applied engineering principles to golf swings emphasizing the importance of finding the balance of tension in the hands.  He wrote a book back in the day titled The Golfing Machine.

Understanding Hand Pressure

Each finger has a role to play. Some fingers contribute power while others offer precision. The intricate design of our hands can significantly impact our success rate in the batters box!

Dealing with the Challenge: Racing Back Elbow Bat Drag

One issue many youth hitters encounter is known as racing back elbow, where the hitters back elbow moves far ahead of their belly button. However by utilizing finger pressure this problem can be easily corrected in about 40% of cases!

Finger Pressure in Action: Real-life Cases

Jace’s Success Story: Jace went from being a struggling hitter, to hitting the ball three times his body-weight in batted ball distance just by adjusting his grip using the Finger Pressure technique. Zack’s Unfortunate Experience: Zack had potential and successfully resolved his racing back elbow using Finger Pressure. Unfortunately he was unable to overcome his coaches’ perceptions about making his a Pitcher Only (PO).

The How-to of Finger Pressure

Looking to perfect your technique? Focus on the pressure applied by your hand and the grip of your top hand, bottom three fingers. Start squeezing when the batter lifts their front heel to begin the stride and release the pressure as you finish. Aim for an 8 out of 10 tension level in terms of squeezing with your top hand and bottom three fingers.

Understanding the Split Grip Technique

Now lets delve into another grip technique called the Split Grip. This method involves sliding your top hand up towards the top of the handle creating a division or “split” between your hands.

Basics and Implementation

The Split Grip technique aims to improve control over the barrel. If you find yourself struggling with maintaining orientation or posture during a swing this approach can truly make a difference.

Benefits of the Split Grip

There are advantages to using the Split Grip:

  1. Enhanced control over the barrel.
  2. Posture and side bend.
  3. Increased stability, in swing direction.

Remember it’s important not to release your top hand while swinging, whether you’re using Finger Pressure or Split Grip technique. Maintain a hold on the bat, drive with your top hand, and aim towards center field for optimal results. Finish off with a two hand follow through.


The key to a swing lies in the way you hold the bat. Whether you use Finger Pressure or opt for the Split Grip technique mastering these methods can take your game to the level. So get ready. Make each swing count!


  1. What is Finger Pressure? It’s a technique that enhances batting swings by adjusting how tightly you hold the grip.
  2. How is Split Grip different from Finger Pressure? While both techniques focus on grip, Split Grip involves sliding your hand up for control of the bat’s barrel.
  3. Which technique is better? The answer depends on preferences and specific issues faced during swings. Some may find Finger Pressure more effective while others prefer the Split Grip.
  4. How can I practice the Split Grip technique? Slide your hand up the bat creating a “split”, between both hands and concentrate on aligning the barrel.
  5. Can these techniques be used in games? Absolutely! Both techniques are game friendly. Can be seamlessly incorporated into your game-play.

    Always remember; behind every swing there’s a more impressive grip! 😉🔬⚾

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