Kinetic Arm Path Protective Sleeve

Kinetic Arm Path Protective Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching | Perfect Throw Trainer 2022 Review & Discount Code

We interview the Kinetic Arm founder Jason Colleran, and discuss his arm path protective sleeve for baseball pitchers.  This is a great review of the best perfect throw trainer in 2022, AND we have a discount code for you!

The Kinetic Arm Interview With Coach Jason Colleran




In this interview, we discuss the following:

  • Many things that differentiate you from others and it’s MAT, explain MAT a little bit…
  • Talk a little bit about some of the things you’re seeing out there the pitchers that are coming to you…
  • “I’ve got one research paper with 3D mathematical models showing you need over 2000 pounds of force, as compression shearing to get even a 1% change in length. And a 1% change in length for, ligaments that’s called a grade one strain or sprain.”
  • Is all stretching bad or is there a time and a place for it?
  • What’s your view on weighted ball throwing programs?
  • What’s your view on the force plate metrics some experts are relying on?
  • The Kinetic Arm reduces stress on elbow-shoulder and guides arm into the right positions, is that a fair assessment?
  • And pitchers are using the Kinetic Arm to rehab Tommy John surgery?
  • Is the Kinetic Arm available in youth sizes yet?
  • Where can people find you, Jason?

CLICK HERE to download the PDF transcript of the interview.  CLICK HERE if you wanted to listen to this on the Swing Smarter Hitting Training podcast.

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