“Hi Joey, got the course and watched it all the way through early this morning.  Played in a game (+55 adult 12 inch slow pitch) around noon without practicing any of the drills.  I tried to use the ideas covered in the course while hitting and had my best batting day of the season (This year is my first season of ball in over 40 years).  Anyways, looking forward to actually practicing and expect to become one of the better hitters in the league.  Possibly the best $10 I’ve spent in a long time!  Thanks”

“They made some crazy progress working with you!”

Hey Joey.  I just wanted to let you know how Brayden did this spring for baseball.  For little league Brayden batted over .800.  He also played up on a  10u travel baseball team and really shined at the plate.  For his last tournament he played 5 games where he hit two ground rule double and triple that hit the fence.  Lastly, he hit a 220 ft home run that cleared the fence by 15ft.  Not bad for someone who weights 68 lbs.  We just wanted to thank you for your help this winter.  I will try to get you another video to look at now that baseball seasons are coming to an end. Cheers, Chris

I am a Physical Therapist your stuff in body movements is awesome. I went to some FMS courses and Gray Cook spoke highly of you.  Your approach is truly the best because of your use of anatomy and kinesiology.

“Hi Coach, I’ve bought two copies (CLS book), one for me and one for my grandson’s coach. I also have three of your online programs.  Despite never having played organized ball I think that, I  with your instruction’ I’ve got the fundamentals of your system across to my grandson.  He played catcher for the league U12 championship team. Hit a grand slam in the league playoffs and went 3 for 3 in the league championship game, including the winning run.  For the first time he also made the tournament team and batted 400.  I can only say thank you for your hard work. Thank you for all you do.”

“I bought into this two years ago and bought the book. I coach Fastpitch travel softball. From top to bottom of our batting order pitchers have no batter to pitch around they can all crush the ball and do so consistently!!”

Wow, I didn’t realize how researched this material actually was. I’m blown away how these simple movement patterns have been researched. I just ordered the Truth about explosive rotational power. Never in my 20 years have I seen someone or anyone for that matter actually explain movement/motion. They all claim to teach how the body works to swing a bat, but never have they explained it. They just claim to know how the body works and failed to explain it in their material.

Actually works and teaches the coach on how to teach hitting to younger kids. Ever get frustrated while explaining hitting to a little leaguer and they still don’t grasp the concept? This helps because its physics, and makes sense to the hitter actually seeing improvement.

I’ve gotten the oldest 3 “professional” instruction with their swing mechanics and approach with mixed results. Often times, Id have to spend countless hours fixing a flaw they developed through the instruction. It became frustrating for everyone involved, and more importantly we lost precious developmental time…

I use the system to teach my son and he is 4’11 67 pound 10 year old. Meaning he is super skinny and very tall. He hit one in tryouts yesterday 250 in the air. I was in center field shagging balls. It’s real. It happens.