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Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting Video

Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting Mentioning 1 Shocking Swing Mistake He Didn't Make…     In this Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting video, 500 Home Run Club member Gary Sheffield talks about his hitting style, plate approach and adjustments to different ballparks with Mark DeRosa, Bill Ripken and Robert Flores on MLB Central.  Some of what you'll […]

Baseball Showcase Questions Answered

The Biggest Lie In The Baseball Showcase?     In the above baseball showcase video, I answer the following question from one of our readers… “What are your thoughts on scouting services like PBR, Perfect Game, etc. who base their player rankings almost exclusively on numbers – EV, batted ball distance…” If you've thought this, then […]


Tee Drills With Adam Eaton Video

Tee Drills: Adam Eaton Speaks High Inside Pitch Approach Truth     In this tee drills with Adam Eaton video, some main points Adam Eaton covers: Ball flight tells you everything, Demonstrates how REAL high level barrel path is on high inside pitches, How most get the cue ‘stay inside the ball' wrong, and how […]


Mike Trout Hitting Golf Ball Video

Mike Trout Hitting Golf Ball: Same As Baseball Swing?     What we go over in this Mike Trout hitting golf ball video: “…rear leg is slave to middle of body” quote, Shifting foot pressure, Catapult Loading System – BIG-3. Let's get started…   “…rear leg is slave to middle of body” Quote As Physicist, […]


Matt Chapman Swing Analysis Video

Matt Chapman Swing Analysis: Metrics, Shifting Foot Pressure, OK Head Movement, & When Barrel Enters Zone Matters…     Hey, what's going on it's Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab.  In this Matt Chapman swing analysis video post, we're going to go over a few different things… We're going to look at Matt Chapman […]


Francisco Lindor Swing Breakdown

Francisco Lindor Swing Breakdown: Metrics, Big-3 Power, & Wrist Snap     Hey, what's going on? It's Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab.  In this Francisco Lindor swing breakdown video, we're going to go over three different things… The first thing we're going to do is are going to look at his metrics according […]