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Swing Bat Path To Hit Line Drives, Square Up Ball, Increase Hitting Power, & Faster Bat Speed Drills For Baseball Or Softball

Discover swing bat path to hit more line drives, square the ball up more, increase hitting power, and gain faster bat speed using principle drills for baseball or softball hitters. How To Consistently Crush The Ball Using Geometry & Springy Forces     The objective of this presentation was to give a technical speech to […]


Teach Perfect Line Drive Swing Mechanic Science To Baseball & Softball Beginners At Hitting Performance Lab

Learn how to teach perfect line drive science-based swing mechanics to baseball and softball beginners at the Hitting Performance Lab… Baseball Hitting Tips For Youth: Can We Teach One Swing To ALL Hitters?     This is Part-3 of a 3-part baseball hitting tips for youth video series coming straight out of the Pitch-Plane Dominator online video mini-course… […]

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Body Rotational Power Thoracic Spine Strength, Mobility, & Stretching At Home Exercises For Baseball & Softball

Learn how to improve your body rotational power with thoracic spine strength, mobility, and stretching exercises you can do at home for baseball and softball players. Where Stride Landing Counter-Rotation Is And How To Get It (Flexibility & Strength Exercises)     This video post is going to answer the following reader question: “What flexibility […]

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Hitting Weight Transfer, Distribution, & Footwork Science While Batting | Online Swing Analysis Coach Instruction Drills Program

Learn the baseball and softball weight transfer, distribution, and footwork stance science while batting.  Discover our unique online swing analysis coaching instruction drills program. Baseball Bats MYTH Debunked: Discover The Back Foot Variance Drill Secret…     I wanted to share a couple things in this baseball bats myth debunked post… An updated video of […]


Does Using Hip Rotation & Lower Half Increase Hitting Power Or Bat Speed? At Home Swing Drills NOT What You Think

Learn whether using hip rotation and the lower half increases hitting power or bat speed.  Discover at home swing drills that DO improve power (NOT what you think)… Clayton Kershaw + Roger Federer = Repeatable Hitting Power   Yes, hitters can build consistent explosive rotational power into their swings by learning from tennis players and […]

Does STOPPING Early Hip Rotation And Using Lower Half Correctly Increase Power In Baseball Or Softball Swing? | Hitting Drills To Do At Home

Discover if STOPPING early hip rotation and using the lower half correctly increases power in the baseball or softball swing.  Learn hitting drills to do at home. Softball Hitting Tips Fastpitch: Is Power ALL In The Hips?     This is Part-3 of a 3-part softball hitting tips fastpitch video series coming straight out of the […]