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How To Hit More Line Drives Swing Bat Path Mechanics Science To Hitting On Plane Like Joey Votto

Discover how to hit more line drives using swing bat path mechanics science to hitting on the plane of the pitch like Joey Votto. Baseball Swing Slow Motion Analysis Of Joey Votto     This is Part-2 of a 3-part baseball swing slow motion analysis video series coming straight out of the Pitch-Plane Dominator online video mini-course… […]

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Optimal Hit More Line Drives Launch Angle For Homerun Distance Like Joey Votto For Baseball & Softball Hitters

Discover the optimal hit more line drives launch angle for home-run distance (25-30 degrees) like Joey Votto for baseball and softball hitters, and… Joey Votto Explains Why Coaches SHOULD NOT Be Obsessed With Launch Angles     The Josh Donaldson interview last year was awesome, but I think THIS interview with Joey Votto may be better.  […]


Correct Head Position And Movement, See Ball Better, & Keep Eye On Ball For Baseball And Softball Hitters 2023 | Keep Head Still Batting Swing Drills

Discover correct head position, head movement, see the ball better, and how to keep your eye on the ball for baseball and softball hitters in 2023.  Learn how to keep head still with this batting swing drill. You Too Can STOP Head Movement With The Snapping Towel Drill       Look, I’m not going […]

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Increase Bat Speed And Improve Hitting Power With Tee Drills For Baseball & Softball Youth

Discover how to increase bat speed and improve hitting power with these tee drills for baseball and softball youth players as young as 8 years old. “Blocking” Like Jose Bautista: A Baseball Hitting Drills For Bat Speed Experiment     Question: Does Landing Bent with the Front Knee & then Straightening it, Add Bat Speed? Using […]

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3 Tips To Hit Line Drives Farther With Power And Square Ball Up Instead Of Hitting Ground Balls For Baseball, Fastpitch, & Slow Pitch Softball

Discover 3 tips to hit line drives farther with power and square the ball up instead of hitting ground balls for baseball, fast-pitch, and slow pitch slow pitch softball players. Like Anthony Rizzo Swing Mechanics, You Too Can Optimize ‘Line-to-Line’ & Launch Angles By “Bending The Knee”?      We’ll be chatting about the following […]

Top-6 Baseball Quotes From John Wooden & Michael Jordan About Failure, Learning, Not Giving Up, And Success

Discover our top-6 non-baseball motivational quotes from John Wooden and Michael Jordan about failure, learning, not giving up, and success. Baseball Batting Quotes: Hacking “Failure” With Michael Jordan It’s a blessing and a curse.  It empowers people to do GREAT things, while others, it imprisons to mediocrity.  One word can offer us a detour, and […]