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Baseball Hitting Trainer VIDEO: Random Pitch Training?

Baseball Hitting Trainer Interview: How To Transition Cage Swings To The Game With Curtis Nelson   Here’s some of what will be discussed in this baseball hitting trainer interview with Curtis Nelson: Rapsodo getting used as a paper weight? What are the top two mistakes that you see coaches doing when they’re teaching hitting? Random […]

Forearm Workout For Baseball Players [VIDEO]

The Ultimate Forearm Workout for Baseball & Softball Players Interview with “Napalm” What we go over in this forearm workout interview with Jedd Johnson: (read time is 21-minutes) Where did the nickname “Napalm” come from? What are some mistakes to forearm workout training that you see going on? Why “finger” pull-ups aren’t a good decision… […]

Hitting Baseball Drills Line Drive Mystery?

Hitting Baseball Drills: What Leads to Hitting More “Predictable” Line Drives and Less Strikeouts? In this hitting baseball drills line drive mystery post, we’re going to answer the question above by diving into the following: What does “predictable” mean and why does probability matter?  And, Difference between ‘Launch Angle’ and ‘Attack Angle’… What does “Predictable” […]


Baseball Analytics: How To Translate Metrics Into Mechanics

How Fast (or Slow) Until a Data-driven Swing Replaces an “Old School” One? (Baseball Analytics Shenanigans) Why extremes are ALMOST never good (Estimated reading time: 18-minutes) How did we get here with baseball analytics? The ‘Launch Angle’ era.  Where did it originate?  What was the tipping point of choosing Sabermetrics over traditional scouting?  You’ll find […]

Perfect Baseball Swing Webinar? [VIDEO]

Where Power Secret is & Where to Find it: Perfect Baseball Swing Webinar Part-2… Here’s are the three parts: Baseball Trainers Near Me? Part-1, [YOU ARE HERE] Perfect Baseball Swing Webinar? Part-2, and COMING SOON!! The following is the continued transcript to the perfect baseball swing webinar part-2… (about 18-minutes reading time) ‘Showing Numbers’ and […]

Baseball Trainers Near Me? [VIDEO]

Increase Consistent Power In 2-Weeks: Baseball Trainers Near Me Webinar Part-1… Here’s are the three parts: [YOU ARE HERE] Baseball Trainers Near Me? Part-1, Perfect Baseball Swing Webinar? Part-2, and Part-3 COMING SOON!! The following is the transcript to the baseball trainers near me webinar… (about 18-minutes reading time) Joey Myers  00:06 Get cozied up […]

Hitting Trainers: Best On The Planet? [VIDEO]

Hitting Trainers: How To Filter The Gimmicks Where can one find the best hitting trainers on the planet?  That are: Made in the USA, Supported by data, Validated by Science, and Quality guaranteed… The Starting Lineup Store!!  That’s where 😉  Munchie’s testimonial above is for the sea foam blue wood Anchor Bat. Here are the […]