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Gary Sheffield Swing Path Hitting Drills Approach To Opposite Field Power Works For Baseball, Softball, & Slow Pitch

Discover the Gary Sheffield swing path hitting drills approach to hit for opposite field power.  Learn how this works for baseball, fast pitch, and slow pitch softball! Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting Mentioning 1 Shocking Swing Mistake He Didn’t Make…     In this Gary Sheffield Talks Hitting video, 500 Home Run Club member Gary Sheffield […]

Delayed vs Instant Gratification Psychology, Exercises, Examples, & Why Important? | Are Video Games Better For Child Development Than Sports? | Marshmallow Experiment: How To Stop & Overcome “Right Now” Mentality

ANSWERED: Why is the debate about delayed vs instant gratification important to youth sports?  Learn the psychology, exercises, and examples.  Are video games better for child development than sports?  Explore the Marshmallow Experiment and learn how to stop and overcome the “right now” mentality. The Ugly Truth About Video Gaming, What It Means To The […]

Is Increasing Bat Speed And Creating Whip Rotational OR To Use Legs More In Baseball Softball Swing? | At Home Youth Hitting Drills For Loading & Power

Discover if increasing bat speed and creating bat whip is more rotational OR to use the legs more in the baseball or fastpitch softball swing?  Discover these at home youth hitting drills for loading and power… Does Swing Start From The Ground & Move Up?     Start above video at about the 5:00-minute mark.  […]


Improve Hitting Timing Tips, Get Front Foot Down, & Fix Late Baseball Softball Swing | Josh Hamilton Batting Rhythm Breakdown

Discover how to improve hitting timing tips, get the front foot down on time, and fix late baseball or softball swing.  Learn how in this Josh Hamilton batting rhythm swing breakdown. Josh Hamilton Swing Breakdown: Coaches Don’t Tell You This…       …In this Josh Hamilton swing breakdown we’re focusing on what most coaches […]

Best Hitting Trainer Aids For Baseball & Softball 2022 | Batting Equipment Training Tools For Youth | Data & Science Supported [VIDEO]

Discover where to find the best hitting trainer aids for baseball and softball in 2022.  Learn about batting equipment training tools for youth that are validated by science and are data supported… Hitting Trainers: How To Filter The Gimmicks       Where can one find the best hitting trainers on the planet?  That are: […]


Are Hitting Hip Rotation Lower Half Loading Drills Using Legs Good For Beginner Baseball Softball Swing Power & Quick Hands?

Are hitting hip rotation lower half loading drills, using the legs, good for beginning baseball or softball swing power and quick hands?  My good friend Matt Nokes shines light on this hitting conundrum… Matt Nokes: Why Rotating Back Hip Through Zone IS NOT Necessary For Power     In this Matt Nokes post, I wanted […]

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Bust Bat Drag: Fix Disconnected Swing And Get Rid Of Dragging Back Elbow With Scap Load For Baseball & Softball Hitting | Does Ball Under Back Arm Drill Build Quick Swing?

Bust bat drag hitting experiment featuring JD Martinez!  Discover how to fix a disconnected swing and get rid of dragging back elbow with the scap load for baseball or softball hitters.  Do “Ball Under Back Arm Drills” build a quick swing? In my humble opinion, NO.  Unless, and in the case of curing bat drag, […]


Ozzie Albies Hitting Breakdown: Why Squishing Bug Is Bad, Keep Head Position Still, & Eye On Baseball Or Softball | Increase Power Drills To STOP Chopping Ball, & Fix Choppy Swing

Discover in this Ozzie Albies hitting breakdown: why squishing bug is bad, keeping head position still, and keep you eyes on the baseball or softball.  Learn how to increase power drills to STOP chopping the ball and to fix a choppy swing. Ozzie Albies Swing Breakdown: STOP With “Power Comes From Legs” Talk     […]


FIX Pulling Head Off, Front Side Flying Open, Over Rotation Spinning Off Baseball Or Softball Hitting Drills | Josh Donaldson Vs Jose Bautista “Keep Front Shoulder In” Common Flaw Swing Advice & Batting Stats

Discover how to FIX pulling the head off the ball, front side flying open, and over rotation spinning off the baseball or softball hitting drills.  Learn about Josh Donaldson versus Jose Bautista “keep front shoulder in” common flaw swing advice and batting stats… “Staying Closed” for Fastpitch Softball & Baseball (NOT What You Think)…     […]

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Use Legs & Lower Half Directional Place Hitting Drills For Baseball Softball Beginners At Home | Hip Rotation Swing Loading Breakdown Tips

Learn how to REALLY use the legs and lower half in directional place hitting drills for baseball or softball beginners at home.  Discover hip rotation swing loading breakdown tips in this interview with Matt Nokes! Dangers Over-Rotating Low Half: What is Directional Force?  And WHY is it Important?     This hitting training interview with […]