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Impossible To Hit A Baseball Or Softball? Youth Swing Science Drills Are Key To Hitting Power, Line Drives, & Batting Timing

Is it impossible to hit a baseball or softball?  Discover how youth swing science drills are the key to hitting power, line drives, and batting timing. Science vs. Superstition: Guiding Young Hitters with Wisdom and Legacy Coach, this one’s for you. Picture the sun setting, the nostalgic hum of a baseball game on the radio, […]

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Beyond Baseball’s Launch Angle: The Critical Exit Velocity & Timing Context Most Hitting Coaches Overlook

Go beyond baseball’s launch angle, and discover the critical exit velocity and timing context most hitting coaches overlook. Here are the “parts” of Perry and my conversations: Part-1: Why Instruction To Increase Exit Velocity? Baseball & Softball Bat Speed Tips Improving Hitting Power (or listen via Podcast), [YOU ARE HERE] Part-2: Beyond Baseball’s Launch Angle: […]


Increase Hitting Power Or Batting Average? Baseball & Softball Exit Velocity Tips To Do Both

Discover how to unlock your potential by learning how to elevate hitting power or batting average.  Unveil the secrets to boosting exit velocity and consistency.  Explore 101 reasons to focus mechanics on exit velocity, Perry Husband’s insights, and Oklahoma Sooner softball triumphs.  Dive in now! Hitting for Power vs. Hitting for Average: Unveiling the Ultimate […]