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Private Youth Hitting Lessons Fresno, CA: How To Use Lower Half Ground Reaction Forces, Baseball, & Softball Drills For Beginners

Discover private youth hitting lessons in Fresno, CA.  Learn how to use lower half ground reaction forces, baseball, and softball drills for beginners… How To Use Your Legs Like Edwin Encarnacion     I recently worked with Christopher Solis one-on-one, from Pasadena, CA.  He just signed with the University of Sioux Falls, South Dakota this […]


Turning Vs Pushing The Barrel: Modern MLB Bat Path Swing Drills To Fix Misguided Baseball Or Softball Hitting

Discover turning vs pushing the barrel by looking at the modern MLB bat path from Andrew McCutchen.  Learn drills to fix misguided baseball or softball hitting advice.  Turning the barrel is fantastic for middle away and middle down pitches, while pushing the barrel is great for middle in versus middle up pitches, Click Here for […]

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Private Hitting Lessons Near Fresno Or Clovis, CA For Youth Baseball & Fastpitch Softball Beginners

Discover where to find the best private hitting lessons near Fresno or Clovis, CA for youth baseball and fastpitch softball beginner hitters. Part-2: Dramatically Reduce Time To Impact Without Losing Power     Part 1 – Dramatically Cut Your Hitter’s Learning Curve In Half By Doing This…  Part 2 – [You Are Here] Dramatically Reduce Time […]


Best 16-Week Hip & Shoulder Mobility Exercise Program For Baseball, Softball, & Pitcher Athletes

Discover the best 16-week hip mobility, shoulder mobility, and core stability exercise program for baseball and softball athletes, in addition to pitchers. 8 Exercises To Help Fix Hitting Imbalances In 16-Weeks In this post, I want to answer the following reader suggestion for future content on the HPL  blog: “Exercises for imbalances created by hitting.” […]

Softball Hitting Slump Psychology: How To Get Out | Mental Toughness Coaching Training Program: Heads-Up Baseball 2.0 By Dr. Tom Hanson

Discover the psychology of getting out of a softball and baseball slump.  The best mental toughness coaching training program on the market starts and ends with Dr. Tom Hanson’s Heads-Up Baseball 2.0! Tom Hanson PhD. Interview: How To Build Mentally Tough Hitters You guys know Dr. Tom Hanson right?! He wrote an impressive book on […]