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Grip Strength Forearm Exercise Workouts To Help Pitching Velocity For Baseball & Softball (More Than Just Bat Rotations!!)

Discover grip strength forearm exercise workouts to increase pitching velocity and bat speed for baseball and softball players.  It’s much more than just bat rotations, rice buckets, and weighted rollups!  Learn from grip strength expert Jedd Johnson in this interview… The Ultimate Forearm Workout for Baseball & Softball Players Interview with Jedd “Napalm” Johnson   […]

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Overload Underload Increase Bat Speed Training For Baseball & Softball | Heavy Light Wood Trainer For Sale

Discover overload and underload how to increase bat speed training for baseball and softball players in this Perry Husband from Effective Velocity interview.  Check out these heavy bat and light bat wood trainers for sale at TheStartingLineupStore.com… Overload Bat Training: Hitter Has To Work Butt Off To Resist “Casting”     Here’s the Hitting Jam […]

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Best Online Youth Hitting Coaching Blog For Baseball Softball Analysis, Instruction, & Private Lessons Program

Discover the best online youth hitting coaching blog for baseball and softball analysis, instruction, and private lessons program.  Why the best? Because we apply human movement principles validated by science to hitting a ball. How To Get Hitters To Buy Into The System     In this video, we answer the following reader question: “How […]


Hit Baseball Or Softball In Certain Direction Like Place Hitting To Opposite Field At Home By Yourself Indoor Drills With Limited Space

Discover how to hit a baseball or softball in a certain direction, like place hitting to the opposite field, at home by yourself using indoor drills with limited space. How To Optimize Directional Force Using The “Pounding Nail” Drill   Most likely, Little Leaguers and 12-year-old young ladies won’t be driving the ball 400-feet anytime […]

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How To Stop AND Fix Missing Under Ball, Hitting Popups, & Late Batting Timing For Baseball And Fast-pitch Softball | Swing Bat Faster, For Power, & Hit More Line Drives

Learn how to Stop AND Fix missing under the ball, hitting too many popups, and late batting timing for baseball and fast-pitch softball players.  Discover how to swing the bat faster, for more power, and ultimately hit more line drives. “Shorten Swing” Like An Elite Hitter (Not What You Think)     Ask any “self-proclaimed” […]