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Alex Bregman Hitting Mechanics

Small Slugger Hacking Featuring Alex Bregman Hitting Mechanics   What we're going over in this Alex Bregman hitting mechanics video: Sizing up: Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Ronald Acuna Jr, and Yordan Alvarez Catapult Loading System (CLS) principles: Alex Bregman hitting analysis Compare Alex Bregman's use of principles to Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez, & Ronald Acuna Jr.


Josh Bell Swing Breakdown

Line Drive Hacking With Josh Bell Swing Breakdown   In this Josh Bell swing breakdown, we cover: Size, Interesting metrics DeRo analysis 2018 RCF Homer: 5/31 83-mph breaking ball/SL, down/away VERSUS 2019 LCF Homer: 7/3 96-mph FB, mid/up Some interesting things in swing analysis: Float, Fall, Barrel Path – CB down/away v. FB mid/up (and […]


Vlad Guerrero Jr Swing Breakdown

2019 MLB Home Run Derby – Vlad Guerrero Jr Swing Breakdown In this Vlad Guerrero Swing Breakdown video, we cover how to build more consistent power using the principles found in the Catapult Loading System… Showing Numbers (axial rotation – protracting front scap) & Bounce, Downhill Shoulders (side bend), Hiding Hands (Scap Row/Pinch – or […]

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Join 18,070+ Of Your Peers Applying Our Validated By REAL Science Hitting Principles

HPL Hitting Clinics Coming To A California Spot Near You! The above video was news coverage of a ball exit speed challenge we did at a local hitting academy.  Just a taste of what could be coming into your backyard… For the past couple years, I've been asked by many out-of-town Academy owners and coaches […]

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Christian Yelich Swing Analysis

Here Are 6 Christian Yelich Swing Analysis Hitting Mechanic Strategies Helping Him Dominate (or Not? 🤔)     WARNING!  This Christian Yelich swing analysis video has been done tongue-and-cheek…sarcastic…mocking…joking…so please don't send me HATE email because of this cheeky Christian Yelich hitting mechanics video. Here are some of the topics we cover… Head movement, Back knee […]

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Is “Swinging Down” Okay Since Alex Rodriguez Said So?

Analysis of Alex Rodriguez Hitting Analysis: Real Versus Feel, How To Be An Effective Hitter, & Sabermetrics v. Experience… Before you watch the above video interview with Perry Husband, please watch the following 7-min video of Alex Rodriguez sticking-it-to-the-hitting-man lol (I promise you, it's rather entertaining)… Wow!  The Social hitting community had a blast with this […]


How To Use “3-Dimensional Hitting” To Optimize Timing, Using All Fields, & Launch Angles

See How Easily You Can Build 3-Dimensional Hitters & WHY Bother… Back in November 2018, I warned hitting coaches of the “new way” pitchers are getting hitters out that may be hiding under their snozzes, in a post titled, “At Last, The Secret To Decreasing Strikeouts Is Revealed” The MLB Tonight interview in a nutshell, […]

Hamstring Stretch Follow Along For Hitters

Hamstring Stretch Series: 9 Exercises To Loosen UP (Includes Ankle, Hip, and Wrist Mobility!!) I find 95% of my hitters have tight hamstrings, which includes both baseball and softball players.  Hence this hamstring stretch series.  Interestingly, the other 5% have spent at least 3-5 years in Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Dance, and/or Swim. It's painful for […]

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Overload Bat Training: Hitter Has To Work Butt Off To Resist “Casting”

How To Train Body To Be More Sensitive To Getting On-Time More Often (Hitting Jam Session #6) Here's the Hitting Jam Session Interview Collection with Perry Husband: Why You Should Not Teach Hitters To Hit Homers? What's The Biggest Mistake Coaches Make In Boosting Ball Exit Speeds How To Make Teaching Proper Weight Shift In […]