Grip Strength Forearm Exercise Workouts For Baseball Softball Pitching Velocity Bat Speed

Grip Strength Forearm Exercise Workouts To Help Pitching Velocity For Baseball & Softball (More Than Just Bat Rotations!!)


Discover grip strength forearm exercise workouts to increase pitching velocity and bat speed for baseball and softball players.  It’s much more than just bat rotations, rice buckets, and weighted rollups!  Learn from grip strength expert Jedd Johnson in this interview…

The Ultimate Forearm Workout for Baseball & Softball Players Interview with Jedd “Napalm” Johnson



What we go over in this forearm workout interview with Jedd Johnson: (read time is 21-minutes)

  • Where did the nickname “Napalm” come from?
  • What are some mistakes to forearm workout training that you see going on?
  • Why “finger” pull-ups aren’t a good decision…
  • What are eight forearm workout principles you guys work on for grip strength?
  • Why elbow issues can be solved through the shoulder or wrist, not the elbow…
  • Why the traditional wrist roller isn’t good for ball players, and how to make it more functional…
  • Ultimate Forearm Workout for Baseball (and Softball!)

This featured forearm workout training interview is one of twenty-four included in my NEW book

Below is the full transcript of the forearm workout interview (Click Here for a pdf of the transcript you can download and print off).

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