Best Functional Wrist And Tendon Strengthening Exercises At Home For Pain In Baseball & Softball

Best Functional Wrist And Tendon Strengthening Exercises At Home For Pain In Baseball & Softball Players | Best For Advanced Grip Strength & Pitching Velocity


Discover the best functional wrist and tendon strengthening exercises you can do at home if you have pain* for baseball and softball players.  Learn the best wrist exercises for advanced grip strength, bat speed, and pitching velocity.

*If you’re having wrist pain, then see a medical professional first before doing any of these exercises.  I am not a medical professional and DO NOT pretend to be one.  This is only my advice after doing the research and connecting the dots.

Wrist Exercises VIDEO: Improve Hitters’ Flexibility & Strength In 2-Weeks



Wrist Exercises: Wrist Flexibility & Exercises For Hitters

Handstand Photo courtesy:

This wrist exercises post is for Coach David Michael Enciso (DME).  He mentioned having a couple girls that had stiff wrists, and was wondering about stretches.

To those that don’t know, I’ve been doing Gymnastics body-weight strength training through over the past four months. That link will give you $25 OFF their Fundamentals course.

I don’t get commission on that, I just think what Coach Sommers has put together is excellent training for baseball and softball players!  By the way, Coach Sommers was the former US Olympic men’s Gymnastics coach.  I’ve also recommended his program to quite a few of my hitting students and parents online and off.

I personally finished the Fundamentals 4-week course, and moved onto the Handstand course, which I’ve been working on for the past 2-3 months months.

However, I’d recommend my players completing the Fundamentals course first, then moving onto the Foundation courses, before moving onto Handstand.

In the video above, I show you all the wrist stretches and strengtheners that I do on a daily and bi-weekly basis for my Handstand training.

The wrist stretches alone got rid of a painful pinch on the backside of my right wrist (my throwing hand), that I’ve had for the last 5 years, at the bottom of the push-up position…the pinch was gone in 2-weeks!

Do the THREE stretches EVERYDAY as prescribed in the video,


Do the FOUR exercises 3-sets X 5-repetitions each wrist, 2-3 times per week.

PLEASE keep me updated on any changes you find in your hitters, from these wrist stretches and exercises.

Another training device you should look into is Rotex Motion.  Click Here for an experiment I did on that.

Make sure we’re swinging smarter by moving better 😉

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  1. Djura
    Djura says:

    Awesome video Joey… These are what I really want to talk about…. Postures in the body… And doing whatever we need to do to get to balance… As you know I think muscle memory (general) is terrible as if you do it wrong as an instructor you know how it sucks and if you only do it the right way you don’t need muscle memory (unbalanced posture)..,So what I see here are many things and one being balancing and strengthening the hands….

    Oh SNAP are you really coming to the dark side…..Hands stuff… Be careful those hands have tiny muscles…

    Can you please do a video on hands perhaps Bonds pumping of his hands and perhaps have an open discussion on that style…

    Well be careful because you may say something like it’s all ( not really ) in the hands… Or how bout this… All you have to do is get the TOP HAND THROUGH….I love that quote from Bonds…Maybe visiting the hitch might be interesting… Than perhaps I might say I wish I had 3 right hands or even 100 right hands…. Because seriously…. I got the speed to get 100 hands through ?

    Seriously I really would love to hear your thoughts on balancing our postures in view of swinging a bat…. I’m thinking a light kettle bell, plank and just being mindful of your posture and forms when walking or running should do it….I think the knees and ankles need some work too… What say you? I can’t believe I’m talking baseball and focused on body work..Funny but to me bodywork is just where it is…


    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Djura, as you know, most coaches will say it’s all about the hands and hand speed. The hands are a link in the chain. No more or less important than any other link…they have their place. And to those that disagree, cut off one hand and let’s see how you hit. 😛

      To get back to the purpose of this post, keeping the fingers-hand-wrist-forearm optimized is CRUCIAL. I think there’s more damage happening there to baseball/softball players than we realize. The damage is acute (although maybe for some), it’s over time…lots and lots of reps throwing and swinging.

      And you’re correct, hip and shoulder mobility are big deals too! So are core & rotary stability, and ankle mobility. I work on all this stuff with my hitters. CLICK the following link for my primary program:

      If an athlete moves better, they’ll perform better.

  2. Djura
    Djura says:

    Joey the link was awesome… Your awesome… Light years ahead of everyone else… It’s amazing to me, the baseball swing is more explosive and more complicated ( well there kind of the same) than the golf swing… But everybody who ever hit a baseball can teach it and in golf everyone gets an instructor…

    Your right, the swing can do damage if left unchecked…I just fixed my posture and I saw or felt the swings imprint all over my body especially at my lead arm, rear hip and back ankle…and I saw how those spots affected other areas… Amazing!!!! At any rate anybody reading this ought to appreciate Joeys teachings and click the link Joey provided for us…Than either hit the books or hire somebody who knows what there doing and more important is really looking out for you…

    And Joey the whole ” move better” than “perform better” really resonates for me… It’s so easy to get muscle memory or some bad posture that makes it easier to rotate or hit…At the end we humans are stronger when balance and know the human movements… Anything away from the ideal human standing posture is weaker and can lead to body injuries and light mental issues as well…

    Again Joey … awesome teachings. Thanks for looking out for us…It’s appreciated…


  3. Djura
    Djura says:

    Yep… Pretty awesome article…. Joey my posture was sooooooooo messed up…The funny thing was I thought it wasn’t perfect but nothing that needed my attention…. Shit I can bench better than big boys….How can my posture be that bad…Man when you don’t know…. Well it’s not only that you don’t know but or you don’t know where to look…. It’s your not looking or even paying attention….That just makes it hard to learn new things….Thanks for the Myers reference or else I would still be all messed up…
    You know I hate the cues… Well in bodywork I think they too need to think about how they express things… While i fixed my posture I noticed what I would call fake dosiflexion, fake flexion, basically fake alignments… Again, you know me I can go on forever but that experience ( fixing my alignment) was amazing and scary…. Amazing because it was interesting and I can fell the benefits… Scary because I was soooo ingnorent to any of it….

    I know this might sound strange but I was thinking of having my 8 year old son do 2 sets of 5 pound kettle bell and some jump rope after every baseball practice or game… But he plays soccer and I’m thinking all that running should be good… Who knows… But yea it’s in the science….

    By the way, did you get my pinch yet… If so and don’t like it… That’s Cool..but if you still feel your not understanding my angle than I think I can explain it much simpler with science as I was thinking about the best way to teach it…I think I can explain it short and sweet now…Let me know if your still interested.

    My Yankees are hanging in there!!! Maybe a wild card…



  4. Djura
    Djura says:

    Joey I know you had a top 5 drills long long long time ago… I wonder if your still good with that top 5 or would you modify your list…

    Also would you ever do a top 5 stretches and excercises for balancing your body in view of the swing… I would assume 5 might be hard given that your ankles, knees, elbows, hands and neck and that’s not including your hips, tspine and shoulders….

    By the way do you like isometrics or resistive excerises…isometric band… So working the human movement…

    I’m so big on forearms…Since your big time in bodywork, would hitting your forearms hard and building them up hurt a person elsewhere…you know anything well known about forearms that should be appreciated… By the way, when I say I’m big on forearms… I really mean the secret (one of them i guess) if there is such a thing (as a secret) is in the forearms and hands… If you know how to use your hands and forearms the rest falls in place much more easily… Meaning if you didn’t know anything but had to learn just a few things I would put money that just knowing how to use your hands and forearms would get you really far…

    By the way, you know I hate tees but I bought the backspin tee for my son solely based on your thoughts… I do like the orientation much better… Still it’s weird that the ball is right there as opposed to over there if you get my drift…

    Especially if you have my pinch… Can I call it that now (my pinch) as I don’t think I’ve heard others talk about the pinch… I’m thinking I own it now…. Maybe I should write an article with details about it…Although knowing how and why it works so well means we must know so many particulars or else we can’t see the bigger picture….

    I really want to get somebody to test it out or give me feedback…as I said I’m just about to drop it with regards to any comments here….
    I guess the biggest issue is the slightest move, micro move, position, approach away from why one would do it could have a huge affect on outcome… But I think it’s one of those things where if done correctly is mind blowing… Truly mind blowing…And comparing my thoughts on this with other thoughts or ideas that others may have is oversimplifing. Anyway, I guess I’ll be dropping it if we don’t have interest in it…Later…Hope all is well…


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