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Hitting Drills For Kids: How To Keep Hitters Productive At Home Despite COVID-19


(Correction in above hitting drills for kids video: I said this started last Wednesday, March 25th, but I couldn’t get this up in time, so the next day it was!  CLICK HERE to view Today’s Hitting Workout Of the Day – WOD.


Self quarantine.  “Shelter-in-place”.  Losing a job.  Tireless work.  Medical care workers, military, police and fire departments.  Sacrificing sport seasons.  Seniors in High School and College losing their 2020 year.  Politicians bickering – as usual.

I totally understand.  It SUCKS.  And I’m sorry who’ve lost a job or loved one because of this nasty virus. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.  I hope and pray things get better soon.

But you know what coach?  We’re going to get through this.  Together.  Genghis Khan once said:

“One arrow alone can easily be broken but many arrows are indestructible”.

I understand the uncertainty out there.  And if you’re like my family, we have two little blessings (7yo boy and 4yo girl), running around at home.  The challenge is, we have to keep them in productive mode, or else they’re fighting like cats and dogs.  And at the same time my wife and I are juggling work from home in good ol’ shelter-in-place California.

I’m not going to lie, it’s REAL easy to keep the kiddos on their devices all day.  But I don’t believe that’s the best thing for their little developing minds.  Same is true for the teen-osaurs!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

  • How to keep hitters productive at home despite COVID-19,
  • At-home hitting drills for kids challenge rules,
  • Today’s Hitting WOD, and
  • BONUS extra credit to sweeten the deal…


How To Keep Hitters Productive At Home Despite COVID-19

One of my online hitting lesson dads posted this Twitter “to-do” list to keep the kiddos busy at home… (he elaborates on this schedule in the comments below)

I would be honored to be a part of your at-home schedule!


At-Home Hitting Drills for Kids Challenge Rules


The challenge will run from Thursday March 26th, through Easter Sunday, April 12th.  Wishful thinking is that this COVID-19 thing is under wraps by then, and things become as normal as circumstances allow.

Check-in EVERY day at about 8:00AM pacific standard time.  That day’s Hitting WOD will stay up that whole day.  PLEASE NOTE: Each day I’ll take down yesterday’s Hitting WOD and replace with today’s.  So, if you’re busy, I’d suggest stopping in and at least taking notes, so you don’t miss out.


Each day, I’ll update this page under “Today’s Hitting WOD” subheadline with a/an:

  • Featured post,
  • Expert interview transcription, or
  • Drill video…

…you can use this as hitting homework.  “Baseball with dad or mom” as Tyson put it in his Tweet.  Each day will guide you in one of 5 areas:

  1. Building more power,
  2. Hitting more line drives,
  3. Getting on-time more often,
  4. Moving better to perform better (body work training), or
  5. Sticky coaching cues.

Like Crossfit, think of this as a Hitting “Workout Of the Day” – or Hitting WOD.


Every single day, we’ll keep it simple.  I’m just asking at least 5-minutes per day to do the Hitting WOD.

By the way, on some days, I’m going to do random giveaways.  Online hitting lessons.  An autographed copy of my Amazon bestselling book. Possibly hitting aids.  We’ll see what happens.   The more you share this on the socials, the better chance you have at winning!  Best part is, it won’t cost you a thing!


Today’s Hitting WOD (DAY-9)

Today’s hitting drills for kids video is one that isn’t public on YouTube.  It’s a part of my NEW secret stash 😉 The swing MUST be safe for hitters.  Learn how to protect your hitter’s lower lumbar.  Here’s the drill video…

In today’s hitting drills for kids ‘Hollow Position’ video, we discuss…

  • Purpose: protect low back,
  • Pelvis is bowl of water, and
  • Pinching belly button and belt buckle.

Hitting homework is: take 5-mins today, and work the hollow pinch.  Progress from dry swings –> tee swings –> soft toss –> then LIVE short or front toss.


BONUS Extra Credit to Sweeten the Deal

Hitting Drills For Kids: Swing Smarter Newsletter Monthly

30-Day FREE Trial of Swing Smarter Newsletter Monthly for a Limited Time

Before this whole Chinese Coronavirus thing picked up steam, I was working on a low-cost monthly membership called Swing Smarter Newsletter Monthly.  I will be putting a TON of time and effort into each issue.

Once per month, we’ll be offering up:

  • One training tip video on how to fix a certain flaw,
  • One or two expert interviews from “mad” scientists like: Perry Husband, Matt Nokes, Taylor Gardner, Ryan Lehr, Dr. Tom Hanson, and many others,
  • 1-month in review curated content on Sticky Coaching or Moving Better to Perform Better, and
  • Hitting aid review, how it MUST be used for success, & discounts…

The monthly membership fee was going to be $4.95 per month.  And because the low cost, I wasn’t going to offer a free trial.

Then COVID-19 hit. I think you’re gonna LOVE the Newsletter, but may not be able to afford the commitment right now.  So, sign up to grab access to Issue #1 at no-cost for 30-days, then after 30-days you’ll be charged $4.95 per month thereafter.  No upsells.  Just one more email per month with the goodies.

But wait … there’s more! (sorry, that’s my favorite part on infomercials)

I’m sweetening the deal even more … on month two, if you pay the $4.95 for issue #2, but the Newsletter doesn’t live up to the promises, then I’ll refund you, cancel the membership, and you can keep Issue #2.  No worries.  No questions asked.  No hard feelings.

However, if you absolutely LOVE the Newsletter, then by all means, stay on board.  Every 30-days, you’ll receive one email with a new issue.

Please note: I WILL NOT be offering this 30-day free trial again.  After Easter, it’s gone!  Click the button below to grab access to Swing Smarter Newsletter Monthly

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4 replies
  1. Tyson
    Tyson says:

    Love it Joey. Keep up the good content. BTW, the ‘baseball with dad’ for yesterday (3/25) included:

    -work on hitting ball where it is pitched
    -lower half body drill to use more of the lower half (sit on a bucket, and as the pitch is coming stand up and hit it). This forces the body to use the lower half. We do this with front toss.
    -Don’t give away any at bats. If you half heartdly swing, or you are hesitant and check swing, or if you pull an outside pitch, you are out of the cage. Every single pitch is precious, DO NOT GIVE AWAY AN AT BAT
    -a little velo practice, 30 mph from 21 ft (equivalent reaction time of a 79mph fastball)
    -ended with a little fun, if my 14 yr old could hit 80 exit velo and my 11 yr old could hit 68 exit velo, then they’d get a price. One round through the bucket. 14 yr old hit 80, 11 yr old hit 69. (Using pocket radar to measure speed)

    -warm up
    -‘the perfect throw’ for my 14 yr old who has a tendancy to ‘push’ the ball
    -working on front leg for 11 yr old, needs to be more firm, used a drill from 212 Athlete called ‘Hooks’ using a weighted 1lb plyo ball
    -finished it with another round of catch

  2. Bill Masullo
    Bill Masullo says:

    Hey Joey,

    Just absolutely awesome as usual! You are truly one of the good guys! Keep yourself and your family well and you are in our prayers.
    All the best to one of the best!


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