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Robinson Cano Baseball Hitting Mechanics Video

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Two Quick Tips For A Faster Turn,


Robinson Cano Baseball Hitting Mechanics Video Reveals...

…We’ll be comparing one of my eleven-year-olds Ian to Robinson Cano:

  • If he’s “hiding his hands” from the pitcher,
  • How his front elbow is creating barrel path mayhem,
  • How Robinson Cano uses the Catapult Loading System, and
  • What does Ian need to work on?

In this Robinson Cano Baseball Hitting Mechanics Video…

I wanted to show a snapshot in time of one of my eleven-year-old hitters.  Ian is working on staying short with his limbs – pre-landing position – in order to turn faster.  His front arm tends to move back towards the catcher too much, which causes it to bar out and turn his torso slower.

We can break the swing up into two steps: 1) To landing (or the Fight Position), and Final Turn.  75% of consistency and power is taken care of in Step One.  Here’s the drill Ian will use in the video for correction…


Break It Apart Mirror Drill

  1. Get into stance with front shoulder facing mirror or picture window,
  2. Get to fight position (Landing), and
  3. Make sure you’ve hidden your hands from view – like a boxer would when he’s going to deliver the knock out blow.

CLICK HERE or watch below, another one of my Robinson Cano baseball hitting mechanics YouTube videos that I did for SwingSmarter.com:

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2 replies
  1. James
    James says:

    I was watching the cano video, and I was thinking his front elbow was similar to Ian’s, but his lean towards the plate set the bat/shoulder angle. I think Epstein calls it posture or tilt. I am under the impression that just as a shortstop throws a dp feed side arm and his elbow is still above hi shoulder, a batters upper body position is the same with the exception of the bending at the waist. I see so many hitters release the hands to hit the low pitch instead of bending at the waist to go get it.

    My thoughts.

    • hitperformlab
      hitperformlab says:

      Hey James, yes you’re thinking along the right lines. The tilt of the head and spine towards the plate all depends on pitch height. With the higher pitches there’s less tilt, with lower ones, more tilt. A lot of Little Leaguers do release the top hand and/or arm bar to get to the lower pitch which bleeds force at impact. Cano will bend significantly at the waist on a low pitch AND hit the ball a little deeper. Great comment James!

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