Discover how to hit more line drives using swing bat path mechanics science to hitting on the plane of the pitch like Joey Votto.

How To Hit More Line Drives Swing Bat Path Mechanics Science To Hitting On Plane Like Joey Votto


Discover how to hit more line drives using swing bat path mechanics science to hitting on the plane of the pitch like Joey Votto.

Baseball Swing Slow Motion Analysis Of Joey Votto



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“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins

I received the following reader question:

“If you could only teach one swing, whose would you teach?”

And what follows in this baseball swing slow motion analysis of Joey Votto video, is my answer, as it relates to getting the barrel on, and staying on the plane of the pitch for as long as possible.

We’ll discuss Joey Votto’s:

  • Pitch-Plane consistency metrics,
  • 2015 ESPN’s HitTracker spray chart, and
  • Mechanics as they apply to Pitch Plane Domination.

Let’s build Joey Votto’s case as the best to copy for Pitch-Plane Domination…


Joey Votto Pitch-Plane Consistency Metrics

According to, Joey Votto’s 162-game averages (over 9 years in the League) are as follows:

Baseball Swing Slow Motion Analysis: Joey Votto Metrics

Look at the “yellow” highlighted line…

Here are the Joey Votto Metrics to pay particular attention to (definitions are according to

  • On-Base% (OBP) – measures the most important thing a batter can do at the plate: not make an out…Joey Votto: .423, League Average is: .320
  • Isolated Slugging% (ISO) – measure of a hitter’s raw power and tells you how often a player hits for extra bases…Joey Votto: .223, League Average is: .140
  • OBP + SLG (OPS) – the sum of a player’s on-base percentage and their slugging percentage…Joey Votto: .957, League Average is: .710
  • OPS+ – This statistic normalizes a player’s OPS — it adjusts for small variables that might affect OPS scores (e.g. park effects) and puts the statistic on an easy-to-understand scale…Joey Votto: 156, League Average: 100

As you can see, Joey Votto is well above average in “not making an out”,  and “raw power”.  What’s also interesting is Joey Votto’s strikeout and walk percentages (averaged over his career):

  • Strikeout%Joey Votto: 18.6%, League Average: 18.5%, and
  • Walk%Joey Votto: 15.9%, League Average: 8.5%.

Joey Votto 2015 ESPN’s HitTracker Spray Chart

Check out the spray chart of Joey Votto’s 29 homers in 2015 (keep in mind he’s a left handed hitter):

Baseball Swing Slow Motion Analysis: Joey Votto spray chart

Joey Votto 2015 spray chart courtesy:

CLICK HERE for a article titled, “Joey Votto on Hitting”. It goes into how:

  • Cerebral a hitter he is about his mechanics,
  • He purposely tools his swing to limit defensive shifts, and
  • He’s given up some power (dingers in particular) to cover the Pitch-Plane more effectively.

The aforementioned link is a GREAT read.  From the above spray chart and metrics, I’d say he “NAILED IT!!”


Joey Votto Mechanics as They Relate to Pitch-Plane Domination

In the above 17:23-minute baseball swing slow motion analysis video of Joey Votto’s swing, we go into more detail about the following FIVE human movements rules for Pitch-Plane Domination:

  1. Front Knee bend before swing initiation, and during the Final Turn,
  2. Back Knee bend during the Final Turn,
  3. Back foot skip during the Final Turn,
  4. Barrel matching the plane of the pitch early, and
  5. Barrel ‘chasing the ball’ passed impact getting to ‘Power-V’ after impact.

As Tony Robbins said,

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” 

Joey Votto is your hitter to dominate the Pitch-Plane when looking at baseball swing slow motion analysis.

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10 replies
  1. Steve
    Steve says:

    Joey – thanks for the analysis – I have a few questions or comments and I’d love to have your feedback – Votto’s pitch plane dominance is evident – no problem there and I realize that is your focus here – but I see two areas I would like your comments on: His upper body is great – connected hands, great contact position, extension and turn. Nice lean from braced front side – but I think the lower body and his power engine could be better…maybe much better…

    1) His Stride foot lands in line (heel) with his back foot -and causes him to twist and then have to fight for balance with muscular contraction – He’s got great knee work but I like when the back foot kicks out like a kick stand and falls naturally below the back hip (Joey’s left hip) it allows for full thrust – I think the issue may be found in my problem #2…

    2) He doesn’t pull the back hip with a catapult X system – We call it thoracic extension and Chas’ super thrust. I think he’d add power, consistency and safety of his knees and feet. It looks like his drive system is the knee and up to the hips and his hips barely seem to create much of the power – I would like your comments on the benefits of a ‘Pull’ from of the back Hip – up through the thoracic area and down to the knee.

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Steve, you’re right on the money! Because this video only analyzed how well he matched up with the Pitch-Plane, I didn’t want to go into Catapult Loading System stuff. The video was LONG ENOUGH as is!! lol. Yes, he lands a little closed with the front foot and leg, which will cause him to adjust his body movement to compensate. He also does not pre-load his body like he could, much like a Josh Donaldson and Andrew McCutchen, who for their body types, are much smaller and lighter than Joey Votto.

  2. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    His longest hits were middle third and pull side third, but not as drastic as most other (sluggers). This is a great presentation of why getting on plane does not eliminate your ability to be powerful or consistent, in fact it’s the most important part of having power and average!

  3. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Steve commented above about how he doesn’t quite pull his back hip through. You did a post saying bringing that back hip through want necessary, and another one that said not turning the back foot helped pitch plane dominance. I’m as to how these things interact with the fascia in the torso.

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Matt, it’s about keeping the pitch plane line. Yeah, Matt Nokes talks about keeping the back foot sideways longer, and that full hip rotation isn’t required on all pitch locations. The belt buckle should run perpendicular to impact.

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