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Tim Tebow Hitting Analysis: How To Crush The Ball Like Victor Martinez

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Tim Tebow Hitting Analysis: Get To The Big Leagues Without Playing College Or Pro Baseball?

Before we get to the Tim Tebow hitting analysis…

I wanted to take you BACK TO THE FUTURE!!

We all know the quote by Ted Williams that hitting a baseball is one of the single most difficult things to do in sports.  FP Softball ladies included.

Do you remember Michael Jordan hitting a double in an April 1994 MLB exhibition game…?

Arguably the best athlete ever, summarized by the Chicago Tribune that:

“…he was quitting because he couldn’t develop at the rate he wanted due to complications caused by the baseball strike”.

Or how about one of the best cricket players in the world, Kieran Powell, trying to make it to the Big Leagues…?

Did you hear him say that the hardest thing in baseball, “is to keep the bat on plane” 😉

Or how about Shaq O’Neal’s Versus show, where he took on Albert Pujols in a Home Run Derby for charity…?

We know Jordan retired permanently from baseball in 1995…

Shaq couldn’t even beat Pujols in a home-run derby where he was handicapped with a Little League distance home run fence

…and time will tell if Powell’s determination to be a Big Leaguer will continue.

Now we have another high profile athlete jumping into the quest for the Big Leagues, but this time a football player.

The NY Mets just signed him to a Minor League deal (CLICK HERE for this Cut4 article).

Tim Tebow Hitting Analysis

I’ll say, Tim Tebow has a pretty good finish. Must be from his golf game 😉 Photo courtesy: USAToday.com

In the above Tim Tebow hitting analysis video,

  • Using recent August 2016 MLB tryout footage, I compare Tim Tebow’s swing to Victor Martinez,
  • Analyze what Tebow’s swing has going for him, and
  • Discuss what he MUST change in order to be successful in baseball…

Here’s a quick rundown from the Tim Tebow hitting analysis…

PAT (‘Pat’ on the back):

  • Athletic Position – triple flexion at the hip, knee, and ankle.
  • Head Position at Impact – no sign of breaking the One-Joint Rule.
  • Knee Action – gets and stays shorter at landing and through the swing, definitely can get under the ball.


POP (‘Pop’ in the mouth – constructive criticism):

  • Limited forward momentum for such a big body – too much muscle use.
  • Abbreviated barrel path – he gets decent extension post-impact, but he’s too short to the ball. This may hurt him the most.
  • Catapult Loading System (CLS) – minimal showing numbers to pitcher, downhill shoulder angle, and hiding hands.
Joey Myers
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6 replies
  1. Joe
    Joe says:


    Once again good job. I guess the Mets didn’t watch your clip on Tebow, as they already signed him to a minor league contract. Perhaps they feel he will draw fans and become the new age version of George Plimpton. His swing isn’t all that bad for someone who hasn’t played in awhile. I have more reservations with his throwing motion.

    I don’t think he bends the front enough in his abbreviated stride, thus he keeps weight on his back leg (he does that in a more pronounced way when he throws). And, he continues to do so into impact with no back foot skip. He’s a back foot hitter and loses momentum into impact – his center of mass shifts forward but his backside doesn’t shift enough, though he does come up on his toe. So, he loses force into contact.

    Yes, he doesn’t counter rotate enough – show his #s and hide his hands – perhaps his musculature has something to do with it. He is a big dude.

    Once again, good job!

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Thanks for the kind words Joe! Yes, I think he’s falling into the big slugger syndrome…if he succeeds, it will be despite ineffective mechanics. As we all know, we don’t model big sluggers for our young (lower poundage) hitters.

  2. Joe
    Joe says:

    One other thing I noticed is that his front arm is a little rigid in his counter rotational movement. Looks like his movement takes his hands away from his body a bit. I feel that is slower. Wonder how he will react to fastballs up in the zone.

    Keep up the good work, Joey.

  3. Djura
    Djura says:

    Nice job once again Joey… I love your stuff… I’m actually impressed since he hasn’t hit since high school…I really hate the he’s a natural athlete thing as Jordan and others… Yes the baseball swing is an athlete move…but the hard thing is to do or perform the athletic swing… To spot it….The athletic part of the swing is not so obvious and as Joe already noted Tebow didn’t throw a football purely athletically… He willed it….And that’s why he had issues in the NFL…

    Just to keep it short… I wonder if he stood up taller and than got shorter…just as short as he does now…If that would have that added time to pull more of his Calapult and it would give him more freefall and perhaps fix his bat path with a little more bat speed…. All in one move, just starting a little taller and getting short as he normally would…. Obviously he needs to LET his load get deeper with the extra drop… And he would have to know how to control the lead hip and lead leg too…He did seem really focused on his lead leg… If you look at victor his lead leg is loose and lengthy until it sets…Obviously there are many things he can do but given his size it seems like a few inches taller will be an easier multipler.

    I bet if he fixed this he would have some real pop…The funny thing is if you swing his way it’s so hard to hit hard… And the “short to the ball” people frame it as its making it easier to hit that way… The way we advocate not only gives the batter pop but it’s really easier as you mentioned with the bat path and for timing….

    Anyway… Nice video…Later…


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