How To Correctly Position Your Head When Batting To See the Ball Better

Correct Head Position While Batting To See Ball Better During Baseball & Softball Swing Drills


Learn how to correctly position the head while batting to see the ball better during baseball and softball swing drills.

Baseball Hitting Mechanics: Snapping Towel



…I analyze one of my eighth graders Zack, and we uncover the #1 simple tip can overcome bad hitting technique:

  • “How to make your everyday stance your fight stance, and your fight stance your everyday stance” – Musashi, a famous Japanese Samurai swordsman
  • The Snapping Towel Effect: getting the body moving,
  • The Snapping Towel Effect: the snap back, and
  • How Zack can improve…

CLICK HERE for an MLB case study YouTube video I did on David Ortiz looking into how Big Papi used the same Snapping Towel Metaphor in the 2013 Playoffs.

I’ll be doing a lot of baseball hitting mechanics video case studies of my own hitting students.  Some where I do before and afters of their own swing.  And other times, comparing their swing to a small bopper I think is relevant to them.  I think these case studies help coaches and instructors eliminate the excuse of how young hitters can’t develop high level mechanics.

The main objective of the Hitting Performance Lab is to show we’re not arguing about linear versus rotational mechanics.  It’s that we’re discussing human movement.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female.  Young or mature.  Baseball or softball.  We’re talking about how the human body is designed to efficiently move.

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5 replies
  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    By narrowing his stance this much you have killed his leverage, his head is over his back knee during stride and at foot plant his front shoulder is higher than his back shoulder, both are power killers. Not a good example of correct teaching. CoachJ

    • hitperformlab
      hitperformlab says:

      @Greg: Keep in mind, this is a snapshot of Zack’s swing, we’re still sharpening the sword. He naturally shifted into this more narrow stance without me telling him. Zack’s ear is just inside his knee (see photo) as he starts his stride. Consider Mickey Mantle’s narrow stance (see other photo) with his ear just inside the back knee. Also, since we refined Zack’s footwork, we started working on his shoulder angle and slotting his hands. I hope this helps clear things up Greg.

  2. david rosso
    david rosso says:

    looking for video i believe i saw on your site with dustin pedroia and david ortiz snap the towel comparison can’t seem to find it iwas brought to your site while looking at somax hip trianer video anyb help you can prvide would be appreciated thanks

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