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“What Do You Mean by You Can’t ‘Try’ To Hit?” – Joe Yurko Interview on the Baseball Mental Game



In this baseball mental game interview with Coach Joe Yurko, we go over a little sports psychology.  One of my favorite subjects when it comes to hitting a ball!!  Interestingly, I published this interview on our Swing Smarter Hitting Training Podcast, and of the 44 total podcast episodes, my interview with Joe Yurko is the most popular, taking 14% of total downloads!Baseball Mental Game

Here are some of the baseball mental game topics we discussed:

  • Teacher-coach, what you were teaching, the psychology side, give everybody a little bit of a background…
  • Joe Yurko’s 10 Rules for Sports Psychology Success…
  • What do you mean by you can’t ‘try’ to hit?
  • “The better you are at what you do, the more you can forget it; the more you forget it, the better you do it.” – Lawrence Shainberg
  • How did you get out of your head and just react when you play?
  • The ‘Pattern Interrupt’…
  • “The mind’s a great thing as long as you don’t have to use it.” – Tim McCarver
  • Joe, where can people find you?

Joe has been a follower of mine for some time, and what I like about him is he is as obsessed about how sports psychology applies to baseball as I am with mechanics.  He taught sports psychology in school and coached baseball for many decades.  I feel he’s formulated and used a system with his past team players and with his current players, as an instructor, I feel the information would be useful to parents, coaches, and instructors out there.

CLICK HERE if you want a copy of the Joe Yurko baseball mental game interview transcript in pdf format, then you can click the preceding link to follow along.


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