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How To Build Mental Game Toughness Approach, Skills, Tips For Baseball Softball Pitching, Hitting, & Sports | Coach Training Program Examples, Exercises, and Research

Discover how to build mental game toughness approach, acquire skills, and find tips that work for baseball softball pitching, hitting, or any sport for that matter.  In this interview with Joe Yurko, learn a coach training program he’s been developing over the years with examples, mental exercises, and research to support.

“What Do You Mean by You Can’t ‘Try’ To Hit?” – Joe Yurko Interview on the Baseball Mental Game



In this baseball mental game interview with Coach Joe Yurko, we go over a little sports psychology.  One of my favorite subjects when it comes to hitting a ball!!  Interestingly, I published this interview on our Swing Smarter Hitting Training Podcast, and Click Here for Part-2 to this interview.Baseball Mental Game

Here are some of the baseball mental game topics we discussed:

  • Teacher-coach, what you were teaching, the psychology side, give everybody a little bit of a background…
  • Joe Yurko’s 10 Rules for Sports Psychology Success…
  • What do you mean by you can’t ‘try’ to hit?
  • “The better you are at what you do, the more you can forget it; the more you forget it, the better you do it.” – Lawrence Shainberg
  • How did you get out of your head and just react when you play?
  • The ‘Pattern Interrupt’…
  • “The mind’s a great thing as long as you don’t have to use it.” – Tim McCarver
  • Joe, where can people find you?

Joe has been a follower of mine for some time, and what I like about him is he is as obsessed about how sports psychology applies to baseball as I am with mechanics.  He taught sports psychology in school and coached baseball for many decades.  I feel he’s formulated and used a system with his past team players and with his current players, as an instructor, I feel the information would be useful to parents, coaches, and instructors out there.

CLICK HERE if you want a copy of the Joe Yurko baseball mental game interview transcript in pdf format, then you can click the preceding link to follow along.

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