Anthony Rizzo Swing Mechanics
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Like Anthony Rizzo Swing Mechanics, You Too Can Optimize ‘Line-to-Line' & Launch Angles By “Bending The Knee”? 



We'll be chatting about the following 4 things in the above Anthony Rizzo swing mechanics video:

Anthony Rizzo Swing Mechanics

Anthony Rizzo photo courtesy:

  • Anthony Rizzo quick stat chat,
  • Bent front knee,
  • Sideways back foot, and
  • Spinal engine – pelvis opens, shoulders block…






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  1. Joe
    Joe says:


    Anthony Rizzo stands very close to the plate, definitely closer than most hitters. Is that the reason he does what he does with his lower half?

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Exactly why. He’s a big dude, can’t stand that close with traditional placement in the box. Same with Bellinger, he stands close, but steps in the bucket…key is what they do with their shoulders (pre-loading).


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