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Baseball Hitting Video Trick For Long Drives


In This Baseball Hitting Video Trick For Longer Drives,


Baseball Hitting Video Trick For Longer Drives…I analyze one of my young hitters Jarred, comparing his most recent swing to another about six months prior:

  • We analyze how consistent he’s being with his Float, Fall, and Fight Position (Landing),
  • How his spinal alignment got better, and
  • What baseball hitting drill he needs to be working on to clean up his Fight Position.

In the beginning, Jarred was one of those hitters who came in turning and burning on every pitch.  Head flying out.  Shoulders doing the same.  Very inconsistent with his power.  Once I got him to realize the swing isn’t all about muscle activation, but about using the forces of gravity to give him a “head-start”, he started seeing the ball rocket off his barrel.

You see, it’s all about technique.  Not athleticism.  Sure the latter helps.  But it doesn’t mean a small hitter can’t out-slug a bigger one…just look at how Andrew McCutchen (5’10”, 190lbs*) beat out Paul Goldschmidt (6’3″, 245lbs*) for the 2013 NL MVP.


For more baseball hitting video trick information, CLICK HERE to watch a four-minute video where Dr. Kelly Starrett reveals a simple Spine Integrity Test you can do with your players right away.

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  1. Jorge L. Carrasquillo
    Jorge L. Carrasquillo says:

    Joey – What was the main reason you moved away from the previous version of your son’s swing (wide stance with little or no step)? My son is 13 yrs old and he hitting OK in a 13-14 league and he has always hit with a wide stance with practically no step. He just shifts his wait to the back leg then swings from there. Very similar to your son’s original stance. Since he has mid-power I haven’t wanted to tinker too much with him but I have thought about working with him to brings his feet closer and have him have a bigger step, to create more forward thrust of momentum. Let me know what you think.

    • hitperformlab
      hitperformlab says:

      Hey Jorge, the main reason I try and get my students out of a no-stride wide stance – one reason you mentioned about forward momentum – but also because they tend to transfer their weight forward too late and lunge. Also, when you look at other explosive athletes like football, basketball, and soccer you hardly ever see them start in a wide stance. As a famous Japanese Samurai swordsman Musashi once said, “In all forms of strategy, it is necessary to maintain the combat stance in everyday life and to make your everyday stance your combat stance.” To put it more simple, make your everyday stance your fight stance, and your fight stance your everyday stance.

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