“Bunt” Your Way To Repeatable Power?


Perry Husband Bunting

Photo courtesy: Perry Husband YouTube channel

One of my readers sent me this Perry Husband video…

Interesting how he compares the impact positions of bunting to the swing.

He mentions some things in this video:

  • Bending the arms as a “shock absorber”,
  • Bent limbs are “weak”,
  • Is he promoting a straight arms at swing impact?
  • Stretching rubber bands – “Every muscle in my body is elastic”, and
  • Bat speed is not enough, and a hitter needs to couple that bat speed with controlled forward movement.

What are your thoughts on any one of the above points?  Please comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below…

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  1. Doug
    Doug says:

    I like to refer to his linear forward motion into rotation as ‘weight shift’ or forward weight transfer. All the great hitters do this. Babe Ruth made this technique famous and apparently he learned it from Shoeless Joe Jackson. None of them ‘squished the bug’…consequently keeping their weight trapped on their back leg. So many great hitters (Gehrig, Mantle, Williams etc. etc. etc) used forward weight shift over the years…why was it ever lost and why does it now need to be rediscovered?

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Great point Doug. I think un-weighting went by way of the dinosaurs when the aluminum bat came on the seen in the 1970’s. As the bats got lighter and lighter at the younger levels, players didn’t have to use a big weight shift to swing it. I’m just happy to see forward momentum coming back. Wished I’d have known then what I know now 😉

  2. Blake
    Blake says:

    If adding base speed into the swing speed were the case then why do utube MLB slo mo vids show a head that is not moving and a knee whip that is stabilizing the whole front side?

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Bravo Blake!! And is why I was never good at push bunting because I had “base speed” moving into the ball. The bunter will get the “push bunt” result just by impacting the ball with straight arms, no forward movement. In regards to the swing, I agree. Linear momentum is being converted into angular during the Final Turn. There shouldn’t be anymore “base speed”, as you call it, going into the ball then.


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