Distraction Training: Don’t Try Without Watching This Video First

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You Too Can Get Your Hitters To Sharpen Plate Discipline, Re-Calibrate Timing, & Barrel The Ball More Often In Two 5-Swing Rounds Per Week With Distraction TrainingDistraction Training: HittersCODE.com

(SAFETY DISCLAIMER: those that have had or are prone to epileptic seizures, SHOULD NOT use these goggles)…

Ongoing studies are revealing distraction training using Strobe Goggles are giving dramatic results from little use.

Here are a couple studies that were conducted…

PLEASE NOTE: The players and coaches were reminded of individual swing issues before and after each experiment period.  During they were not.  They were reminded of breathing, composure, and head position during the distraction.  Generally and very often as encouragement and reinforcement.

A recent 6-week test was 5 swings without the goggles, 5 with, and 5 without, so 15 swings total per week. These hitters increased Ball Exit Speeds between 2 to 5-mph after the 6-week period.

Another recent 8-week study had hitters using goggles for 1-hour throughout the week, totally 100-150 swings per week.  Swings without the goggles were mixed in throughout the week as well.  These hitters averaged 14.3-mph Ball Exit Speed increases at the end of the 8-week period.

We can safely say that between those numbers we’ve seen a relative increase in positive performance output using the goggles.

My good friend Ken Carswell (KC) at HittersCode.com is SUPER busy cooking up brand new training gear disrupting how coaches practice:

  • Plate discipline,
  • Timing, and
  • Barreling the ball more often

…with their hitters.

If you remember, I did an interview with KC earlier in 2016, CLICK HERE to read that.

The Hitter’s CODE stands for:

  • Cognitive
  • Occlusion
  • Distraction
  • Environments

If you remember, video occlusion training is what Dr. Peter Fadde talked about in this interview I did with him – CLICK HERE.

Also, CLICK HERE to see how Perry Husband uses a pinch of distraction training to calibrate tracking and timing in this HPL interview.

Basically, KC the “Mad Scientist”, is putting together a “smart” hitter’s helmet that will benefit the three categories I mentioned before.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming (and is already here) with the distraction training helmet:

  • Strobe Goggles as shown in the video above (Phase-1 and is a prelude to the helmet),
  • Audio Distraction – this includes rhythm, disruption rhythm, crowd noise – boos v. cheers (Phase-1 and is coming when helmet is ready to launch at 2017 ABCA January conference in Anaheim, California),
  • Phase-2 and details are in the works…

Believe me, distraction training WILL BE the FUTURE of hitting.

KC will reserve a spot for those interested in the distraction training helmet, so CLICK HERE to RESERVE YOUR SPOT today!

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4 replies
  1. Djura "Judo"
    Djura "Judo" says:

    Hey Joey this is extremely interesting… I will Defiantly give this shot..

    Question, I saw you throwing balls in the cages in the video… I know this goes away from your point but have you ever had a teachings of how to throw balls in the cages…

    For me, this has to be important as I see setting up( preswing) and the first move ( loading I guess ) as the start of the swing…. I feel like in the cages I’m quick pitchings or I’m giving a unrealistic delivery…. If you ever had the time perhaps some do’s and dont’s in the cages would be appreciated… Also I aways see all these weird tossing methods…. From the back and side tosses… I would have never thought to throws balls like that and it just seems like a bad idea… Have you ever investaged those methods… I would think trying to stay with the most realistic pitching methods would be ideal unless working on something specific ( most likely a feel)… As always, your thoughts are apreciated and nice piece with the googles…..I love that you challenge us to think outside of the box….


    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Judo, the best thing is to simulate the plane of the pitch as best you can. For baseball hitters, sitting on a bucket 30-40 feet away from the hitter behind an L-screen, throwing underhand, isn’t the most effective way to do this. If a coach can’t throw overhand and/or accurately overhand, then setup a stable platform (behind a screen) that raises the release point. I prefer to sit on a bucket from 30-40 feet and throw overhand, that seems to simulate the plane of the pitch for most of my hitters better than the alternative.

  2. John Spitulski
    John Spitulski says:

    Ok Joey,
    So as with most of your material…we love it. Now you have introduced a tool some of us want to get to use with our own clients. Where do do get the strobe goggles ?

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