How Mike Trout Uses His Golf Footwork To Hit Homeruns Better & Farther Every Time

How Mike Trout Uses Golf Footwork To Hit Homeruns Better & Farther Every Time | Hitting Drills To Increase Bat Speed & Power

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Learn how Mike Trout uses his “golf” footwork to hit home-runs better and farther every time.  Discover hitting drills to increase bat speed and power like Trout’s golf swing?

Mike Trout Hitting Golf Ball: Same As Baseball Swing?



What we go over in this Mike Trout hitting golf ball video:

Let’s get started…


“…rear leg is slave to middle of body” Quote

As Physicist, Electrical Engineer, and author of The Spinal Engine, Dr. Serge Gracovetsky says the arms and legs ARE NOT necessary for locomotion, they’re an enhancement.  When it comes to spinal movement, hitting is basic locomotion.  Fact.

Shifting Foot Pressure

A couple recent posts I’ve done complimenting the above video…

Very few are teaching this.  This is at the heart of a stable swing.  I see a lot of hitters over-rotating their lower half.  Back foot heel moving closer to the the plate versus staying far away.  When the hitter shifts pressure to pinky side of front foot, we should see them shift back foot pressure to the big toe side.  If instead hitter shifts back foot pressure to outside (over-rotates), then hitter is unstable with low half.


Catapult Loading System – BIG-3

Recent posts I’ve done on this topic…

The Big-3 are fundamental to building consistent power in hitters.  They’re a combination of using springy fascia and the spinal engine.  Responsible for 70-80% of consistent power.  Legs contribute only 20-30% to power.

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  1. Tim Schierer
    Tim Schierer says:

    Hey Joey. I watch almost all of your videos; I like this one a lot. What you describe in the 2:30 – 4:00 mark is called “The Move” by some instructors (Chris O’Leary for one). I have been trying to find more information about The Move for years. This minute and a half is the best explanation I’ve come across. I’ve read only a portion of what you described prior to this video, and that is spot on with what you’re saying. Notice that Trout’s back foot turns more clockwise (if you were him looking down at the shoe laces) in the golf swing than the baseball swing. Like the Nike commercial said, “Gotta be the shoes!” There’s not as much traction with the golf shoes and astroturf as there is in the dirt with cleats. Ben Hogan knew about The Move and had his shoes shipped to England to get an extra spike added for traction to keep it from slipping like you see Trout’s foot do in the golf swing. If his foot didn’t slip, he’d have hit the golf ball even farther. Anyway, I can’t wait to get my daughter to try this. She’s hitting them out now thanks to your Catapult Loading System.

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Coach Tim! Thank you for your continued support amigo 😀 Yes, I used to teach the “move” more a few years ago, and just lost interest. But recently look at more research and case studies, and have started heavily teaching it more to my hitters. Please keep me updated on your daughter’s continued success 😀

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