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Baseball Hitting Drills For Little League: How To Fix Bat Drag In 2-Weeks [Zepp Swing Experiment]

One Of The Best Baseball Hitting Drills For Little League Helping STOP “Racing Back Elbow” Bat Drag   Question: Does ‘Top Hand Finger Pressure’ Effect Bat & Hand Speed, and Time To Impact versus Keeping the Hands Loose? (Pre-Turn Hand Tension Revisited) Using the Zepp (Labs) Baseball app, I wanted to use the Scientific Method to revisit […]


How To Teach A Kid To Increase Baseball Or Softball Hitting Power & Bat Speed With LESS Hip Rotation Batting Drills

Discover how to teach a kid to increase baseball or softball (fast-pitch and slow-pitch) hitting power and bat speed with LESS hip rotation batting drills.  PLEASE NOTE: power isn’t ALL in the hips as some may say.  After exploring this post, you’ll see why we feel ‘load and explode the hips’ or ‘fire the hips’ […]

Pitch Recognition Secrets Discovered: Dr. Peter Fadde Interview

A Simple Way To Train Pitch Recognition That Works For Collegiate & Pro Hitters   Dr. Peter Fadde applies sports science to batting drills focusing on pitch recognition.  He’s a Professor in Learning Systems Design & Technology at Southern Illinois University. CLICK HERE for a great case study featured in the Baseball Collegiate Newspaper titled, “Pitch Recognition […]

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STOP ‘Squishing Bugs’! Zepp Swing Study Reveals Average 8-MPH Bat Speed INCREASE Doing Complete Opposite Of ‘Squishing The Bug’

In This Baseball/Softball Hitting Video, You’ll Learn… The Zepp swing experiment revealing whether “Squish the Bug” swing mechanics depress bat speed, The answer to the reader question: “How do you get guys off their Back foot?” And, we’ll cover the following points… Teach squishing bug to 10U only? Shifting foot pressure, Committing percentage of weight to […]

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How To Get Under The Ball Like Stephen Vogt: Zepp Swing Study Reveals 3-Degree BOOST In Ball Launch Angle, 27 Less Ground Balls Hit (out of 100 swings), & 24 More Line Drives Hit (out of 100 swings)…

In This Video, You’ll Learn… The Zepp swing experiment revealing the affect the back leg angle has on ball flight, How-to stay short (or low) during Final Turn (using the pole-over-head metaphor), The optimal back knee angle during Final Turn (relating to Fastpitch difference), and How the back foot adds stability during the Final Turn.   Getting […]

How-To Optimize Learning At Home

17 Little Known Ways to Optimize Learning at Home What follows is a recommended post for my parents who jump into my online lesson program The Feedback Lab. I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and study into the science of successful learning over the last two years, and wanted to share 17 quick down-and-dirty […]

How To Become Top 5% Of Coaches In 6-Months

I’ve been doing research on an upcoming project called The Science Of Sticky Coaching.  I did an interview with legendary Coach Bob Bennett (my coach at Fresno State from 2000-2002), and Thomari-Story Harden (founder of Team Avenue Travel Baseball, and an 8-year Los Angeles Dodger Pro), and just thought I’d share it with you. Sorry, […]