How To Fix Casting, Steep Loopy Swing, & STOP Missing Under Baseball Or Softball

How To Fix Casting, Steep Loopy Swing, & STOP Missing Under Baseball Or Softball | Quick, Shorten, Flatten Bat Path By Swinging Down?

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Learn how to fix casting, a steep loopy swing, and STOP consistently missing under the baseball or softball.  Discover how to make a quick short swing and flatten an “up” bat path by swinging down

Here Are 4 Quick Ways To Fix A Long Casting Barrel…




…One of my favorite hitting demonstrations to do with hitters to help them understand the need to stack the bat’s “belly button” above theirs.  A flat bat at landing can cause a few of the following things:

  1. Hands drop (CLICK HERE to fix this),
  2. Racing back elbow bat drag (CLICK HERE for a video on how to use Finger Pressure to combat this), or
  3. A long casting barrel (CLICK HERE for a post that sheds light on how to fix this)

Since we’re on the subject of drills fixing specific swing dysfunction, CLICK HERE (solution #4) to see the “Flashlight Barrel Angle” drill to fix a flat bat at landing 😉

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    BOB HALL says:

    Very good thanks, but I’m afraid your method of lining up the balance point of the bat so it’s over your bellybutton would not work very well for me – my arms aren’t that long!

  2. DeLong Sr.
    DeLong Sr. says:

    Hello Joey,
    I enjoyed the video, as with most of your sessions. I agree completely with a more vertical barrel. One of the ways that I get young students to get more vertical is when we are over loading and under loading our swings in our daily training, which we always do. Typically we do 3 sets of 5 swings with a heavy training wood bat that we use at DBat. We have various sizes that accommodate the younger kids, for example it may be close to 28 oz for an 8 year old kid that usually swings about a drop 12-16 oz bat. My message to them is to keep the barrel up in order to control bat better and swing harder. By unweighting the bat, more control is gained, and it even helps with early arm bar and a racing back elbow some. I think kids get this really well, and are able to make this necessary transition fairly easy. Eventually this usually transfers to a better live swing and actually reduces the number of weak ground balls.
    Take care Joey,

    Coach DeLong

    BOB HALL says:

    We’re doing great thanks. Quin is down there now in Iowa. He had the chance to go to a lot of schools but his marks stopped him from going to a couple, then he got calls from a number of others and for reasons know only to him, picked Marshalltown. About your post. Right on …

    BOB HALL says:

    BTW … he’s very happy there and we’re glad he chose to go there. Likes his team and coaches and they like him, and that’s all you really care about as a parent. Anyway … did that vid do anything to further your point about a more balanced bat position at launch?

    BOB HALL says:

    Btw … Quin likes it down there. He likes his team and his coaches and they like him. I think it was a good decision to go there. Anyway … did the vid help to further your point about getting the bat balanced at launch?

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