Here’s A Quick Way To Help Hitters Understand Springy Fascia Power… Most coaches understand the function of bones and muscles in the body, but don’t understand springy fascia, which is: A cotton candy or spider webby like material, What bones and muscles float in, What gives muscles their shape, Made up of mostly collagen fibers […]

Here’s A Quick Way To Demonstrate Reaction Time Versus Timing… A special THANK YOU to Taylor Gardner for this reaction time versus timing demonstration.  Above is a quick 4-minute demo video coaches can use to teach their hitters the difference between reaction time and timing. Can timing be taught? Is the Pope Catholic?! Of course […]

How To Fix The Hitting “Guru” #57 Problem Once And For All – A New Year’s Resolution… Consider the following Tweet from Matt Pierce, who I highly respect in hitting circles… 2019 Want For Coaches to stop mocking other coaches. For coaches to stop blasting guys bc of the level they coach. For coaches to […]

How To Loosen Tight Hips, Importance Of Playing Multiple Sports From Steph Curry, Jalen Hurt Advice On Overcoming Adversity, & More! (Non-HPL Links) 2018 was fantastic, and these were the HOTTEST topics on our social media throughout the year, according to you – the Hitting Performance Lab tribe.  Thank you ALL for the vote by: […]

What Deserves The Label: “Bro-science Fixed Mindset Garbage”? I want to share a story… Right before the Great Depression hit the Oklahoma panhandle, rain was plentiful, causing Doctors and Lawyers to quit their practices and join the ranks of farmers to buy land and plant crops that were being subsidized by the US government.  In […]