Hitting Drills For Kids: How To Keep Hitters Productive At Home Despite COVID-19     (Correction in above hitting drills for kids video: I said this started last Wednesday, March 25th, but I couldn't get this up in time, so the next day it was!  CLICK HERE to view Today's Hitting Workout Of the Day – WOD. […]

Albert Pujols Hitting Mechanics

Albert Pujols Hitting Mechanics: Hit Top Part Of Cage? Or Back Part?     In this Albert Pujols hitting mechanics talk, some questions Pujols and Harold Reynolds answer: Hitting ball off same spot off tee or vary? Dangers of a purely opposite field approach… When is using ‘hands inside the ball' okay? Hit top part […]

Tee Drills With Adam Eaton

Tee Drills: Adam Eaton Speaks High Inside Pitch Approach Truth     In this tee drills with Adam Eaton video, some main points Adam Eaton covers: Ball flight tells you everything, Demonstrates how REAL high level barrel path is on high inside pitches, How most get the cue ‘stay inside the ball' wrong, and how […]

Mike Trout Hitting Golf Ball: Same As Baseball Swing?     What we go over in this Mike Trout hitting golf ball video: “…rear leg is slave to middle of body” quote, Shifting foot pressure, Catapult Loading System – BIG-3. Let's get started…   “…rear leg is slave to middle of body” Quote   Shifting […]

Matt Chapman Swing Analysis

Matt Chapman Swing Analysis: Metrics, Shifting Foot Pressure, OK Head Movement, & When Barrel Enters Zone Matters…     Hey, what's going on it's Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab.  In this Matt Chapman swing analysis video post, we're going to go over a few different things… We're going to look at Matt Chapman […]