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Matt Holliday Video: The Death Of Plate Discipline

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Matt Holliday Part-3: How to Optimize Vision, Tracking, and Timing


…In this Matt Holliday video we’re mourning the loss of plate discipline in today’s youth game.  World renowned motivational Matt Holliday Video: The Death Of Plate Disciplinespeaker Tony Robbins once said,

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”

In his 11-year career, 6-time All-Star Matt Holliday has amassed an On-Base Percentage of .387 (according to Baseball-Reference.com).  This is impressive, considering the league average is .340.

Plate discipline is critical, and in this video, we’ll discover How-To:

  • Fix common mistakes at practice,
  • Develop a solid plate discipline strategy, and
  • Strengthen your eyes in 30 days.


How-To Fix Common Mistakes at Practice

We have to make batting practice as “game-like” as we can.  The THREE worst mistakes are:

  1. Rapid-fire batting practice,
  2. NO home plate for pitchers to throw over, and
  3. NO plate discipline strategy.


How-To Develop a Plate Discipline Strategy

Guys like Matt Holliday ABSOLUTELY have a strategy at the plate.  Coach Mike Batesole at Fresno State showed me this in 2003.  His 2008 Bulldogs won the College World Series.  For younger hitters, use this strategy in practice ONLY.  It doesn’t work as well in games until about High School, when pitchers get better with their accuracy and their own hitter game plans.  Check it out:

  • Cut the plate up into 2/3 and 1/3.
  • Hitter focuses on either the inner OR outer 2/3’s.
  • If the pitch crosses inner OR outer 1/3, then they take it.
  • In games, only use approach with zero or one strike.
  • In games with two strikes, a hitter will cover the whole plate.
  • In games, look fastball with zero or one strike.  At higher levels, like college and professional, hitters may need to look breaking ball with zero or one strike.

Be flexible with the plan if the pitcher’s stats show otherwise.


How-To Strengthen Your Eyes Better Than 20/10

According to a Yahoo Health article, the ULTIMEYES interactive game app improves vision by training the brain.  According to the article, the app “even improves vision in athletes who already have excellent eyesight, according to a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Biology.”  

The article summarized the study:

“University of California Riverside researchers tested the perceptual learning app on 19 baseball players from the school’s team, then compared their results with a control group of 18 untrained pitchers. On average, the trained players achieved a 31 percent improvement in visual acuity.”

The players used the app for 25 minutes a day for 30 days.  CLICK HERE to get the app.  Right now, it’s only available on PC, MAC, and iPad.  Coming soon to Android.

Any questions about this Part-3 Matt Holliday: The Death Of Plate Discipline article?  Please post below.  In case you missed Part-1 and 2 to the Vision, Tracking, and Timing video series, then CLICK HERE for Part-1, and CLICK HERE for Part-2.

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6 replies
  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    As coaches we need to make the distinction between ‘skill’ and ‘technique’. In this case … technique involves swinging a bat. The skill is the ability to hit a ball. Just because a person can swing a bat fast, doesn’t mean they are a skilled hitter. You need to be able to swing with control, speed, and power, and be able to connect on a ball to have a chance to become an effective hitter. You have shown that nicely with this presentation. In sports such as golf, the skill of the game comes when the player decides which club to use, determines which is the best angle to the green based on hazzards, etc., checks wind reststance … and so on. From the moment he plants his feet and addresses the ball, it’s pure technique – all necessary decisions have already been made. It’s obviously different in baseball, but that’s just another example of the skill/techinque dynamic. Thanks for the great lessons. I always find them fascinating, informative, well researched, and thought provoking.

    • Joey Myers
      Joey Myers says:

      Thanks Bob, I agree. Plate discipline is a whole other can of worms. People don’t understand how skilled hitters like: Miggy, Votto, Trout, and Shin Soo Choo are (top-4 OBP in 2013, respectively) to hit with power and get on base, A LOT. They have to be self-disciplined with the strike zone. It takes practice just like working technique.


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