Francisco Lindor Swing Breakdown: Metrics, Big-3 Power, & Wrist Snap     Hey, what’s going on? It’s Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab.  In this Francisco Lindor swing breakdown video, we’re going to go over three different things… The first thing we’re going to do is are going to look at his metrics according […]

Anthony Rendon Swing Analysis: “Getting Shorter & Staying Shorter”     Hey, what’s going on, it’s  Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab.  In this Anthony Rendon swing analysis, we’re going to go over a couple of things… Inward turn of the pelvis pre-stride touchdown? “Hip slide” as a stride technique, Shifting foot pressure, and […]

Javier Baez Swing Analysis

Javier Baez Swing Analysis: Why Inward Turn Of Hips Is Wasted Movement…     Hey, what’s going on it’s Joey Myers from the Hitting Performance Lab, and in this Javier Baez swing analysis, we will cover: Fangraphs metrics, Over-rotation of low half during pre-loading phase, Amazing C/T spine mobility (neck pressure), and Barrel tilt… Here’s […]

Longest Home Run Ever “Principles” May SURPRISE You…     But before analyzing the longest home run ever ‘principles’, I want to share a few important resources… Some of you may remember first reading Physics Professor Robert Adair’s book The Physics Of Baseball.  Think of the above video as the “engineering” of baseball – ahem, […]

Top-10 Most Popular Hitting Performance Lab Blog Posts Of 2019 (both Facebook & Twitter)… #10: Teach: How To STOP Hitting Excess Of Ground-balls & Fly-balls – Perry Husband long form video interview discusses: “How do I get my son to stop hitting an excess of ground-balls (or fly-balls)?”, How swing intention is great, but its benefits can be suppressed […]