Is There A Point At Which Doing Less (But Thinking More) Will Actually Produce Better Outcomes? “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln Coach Bill Masullo sent me an email this week tapping into his network of coaches to answer […]

The NEW Way Pitchers Are Getting Hitters Out That May Be Hiding Under Your Nose… Know WHY, according to, strikeouts (41,207) edged out hits (41,018) in the Big Leagues in 2018?  In my opinion, the above MLB Tonight Brian Kenny interview of Trevor Bauer has the answers. Could it be… The Launch Angle craze? […]

How To Make Knees Great Again! Fragile. What a “dumb” joint. I heard one of my 8th grade hitters, who took a break from lessons to play football, busted his knee requiring surgery, and would be out for 6-8 weeks. Another one of my 7th grade hitters busted his knee playing soccer, requiring minor surgery. […]

The Sooner You Know How To Train Springy Fascia The Better I frequently get questions on how to train springy fascia. The following 4 tips from Tom Myers, author of the book Anatomy Trains, will help shed light on how to do just that. The following videos are NO MORE THAN 2-mins long each. Enjoy! […]

How To Find Baseball Or Fastpitch Softball “Hitting Instructors Near Me” Do you consider yourself openly honest and transparent?  If so, then I need your help instructors! One of the biggest questions I get from readers is: “How do I find baseball or softball hitting instructors near me that teach what you teach at the Hitting […]