Why You SHOULD NOT Use “Forearm” Or “Barrel” Cues In This Way… We have a lot to cover in this post, so this is what we’ll be discussing: Here’s the problem… Short anatomy lesson of the low back, and What’s the answer? Most “bad” coaching cues I see out there can work in the right […]

Yordan Alvarez Swing Analysis: Where Should Hitter “Adjustability” Be And How To Get It    Before we get to the Yordan Alvarez swing analysis … we MUST … This is our 300th hitting blog post!!!! 😀 Golly, time has flown since we started HittingPerformanceLab.com back in 2014. Since 2013, we’ve had almost 20,000 coaches, instructors, and […]

How To Turn Hitting Process Into Predictably Productive Results This is a video from the Detect & Correct Hitting Blueprint online video course. For Back to School this week, we’re opening up the $100 OFF Flash Sale one more time. And for those working with hitters this Fall, this is a great time as any to […]

Small Slugger Hacking Featuring Alex Bregman Hitting Mechanics   What we’re going over in this Alex Bregman hitting mechanics video: Sizing up: Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Ronald Acuna Jr, and Yordan Alvarez Catapult Loading System (CLS) principles: Alex Bregman hitting analysis Compare Alex Bregman’s use of principles to Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez, & Ronald Acuna Jr.

Line Drive Hacking With Josh Bell Swing Breakdown   In this Josh Bell swing breakdown, we cover: Size, Interesting metrics DeRo analysis 2018 RCF Homer: 5/31 83-mph breaking ball/SL, down/away VERSUS 2019 LCF Homer: 7/3 96-mph FB, mid/up Some interesting things in swing analysis: Float, Fall, Barrel Path – CB down/away v. FB mid/up (and […]