Juan Soto Swing Analysis Reveals How-to Of ‘Line-To-Line’ Directional Force…      In this Juan Soto swing analysis, we’ll discuss: Juan Soto swing analysis quick stats, Lower half sets directional force, Hitting it back through tube, and Catapult Loading System…            

Anthony Rizzo Swing Mechanics

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Freddie Freeman Swing Analysis

Freddie Freeman Swing Analysis: 109-MPH Ball Exit Speeds, 455+Foot Batted Ball Distances, & 25-Degree Launch Angles Like Freeman AND Ronald Acuna Jr.     Here’s a Freddie Freeman swing analysis compare and contrast video between him and Ronald Acuna Jr.: Freddie Freeman (6-foot, 5-inches, 220-pounds) & Ronald Acuna Jr. (6-foot, 180-pounds) offensive stats at BaseballReference.com, Discuss critical “line-to-line” principles […]

Pete Alonso Swing Analysis: Here Is A Method Helping Him To Crush 53 HR’s & 30 2B’s His Rookie Year    Here’s what we cover in this Pete Alonso swing analysis: A quick look into his height, weight, line drive, ground-ball, and fly-ball percentages, Look at how many Catapult Loading System principles are mixed into his […]