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Arm Bar Like This Fernando Tatis Jr Baseball Swing Analysis?     Here's what we're talking about in this Fernando Tatis Jr baseball swing analysis: Distance between feet – Getting to a balanced position on our stride, Staying sideways with lower half – most still want to pivot on back foot instead of with the […]

Hitting Training: What is Directional Force?  And WHY is it Important?     This hitting training interview with Matt Nokes was pulled from the seventh issue of our Swing Smarter Monthly Newsletter.  What is that?  On a monthly basis, We pick a hitting theme, Write a Newsletter around the theme, Give favorite hitting drill addressing […]

Fernando Tatis Jr Hitting Mechanics: How To Make Contact Sound Like A Shotgun Going Off…     In the above Fernando Tatis Jr. hitting mechanics video, we're going to discuss: Fangraph stats, Catapult Loading System principles, and Staying sideways with the lower half… The following is the Fernando Tatis Jr. hitting mechanics video transcription.  After […]

Giancarlo Stanton Swing Breakdown: Driving at Targets Like on a Fairway?     “Directional force” I can't believe I missed this Giancarlo Stanton swing breakdown video.  I remember how on fire he was July of 2018, when he made a certain change to his stance. Some of the things you'll discover in this video: Hard […]

Jaime Cevallos Part-3 Interview: How to Turn Harmful Instruction into Safe & Effective     In case you missed any of the 3-part series… Part 1 – How To Turn Garbage Teaching Into Predictable Power Part 2 – How To Wind Up The Body To Deliver More Force Part 3 – [You Are Here] Do You […]