ASK THE EXPERTS: Jeremy Frisch, Taylor Gardner, & Matt Nokes Cover The Shocking Mistakes Killing Your Swing  Let’s start this party off with Mr., Jeremy Frisch – Owner of Achieve Performance Jeremy Frisch is owner of Achieve Performance training in Clinton Massachusetts and former assistant strength and conditioning coach at the College of the Holy […]

The Ugly Truth About Video Gaming, What It Means To The Youth Hitting Industry, & How To Fix…    Literally taken by surprise, I was SHOCKED to learn… …how many of my hitters – mostly male – are obsessed with Fortnite.  No, “Fortnite” isn’t an old English term used to describe a unit of time […]

Ozzie Albies Swing Breakdown

Ozzie Albies Swing Breakdown Reveals REAL Ways To Hit For Consistent Power [An MLB Case Study]    In this Ozzie Albies swing breakdown video post, we’ll discuss: What he IS NOT doing, and What he IS doing with Catapult Loading System comparing righty v. lefty swings. Compared to other Woolly Mammoth hitters in the […]

Coaching Kids

Coaching Kids Reader Question: “How do you get your own kid to listen/trust your advice as a coach and not as a parent?” Be comforted to know that most parents I’ve dealt with have a “coaching kids” challenge – especially when it’s their own!  And I’m preparing to have the same challenge with mine…already have […]

best swing in baseball

Best Swing in Baseball: Here is a Method Helping Mookie Betts – And Many Others – Consistently Crush The Ball   In this best swing in baseball video, we’ll discuss: Data and reasoning because personal opinions are seldom useful, Anatomy Trains, The Spinal Engine, Dynamic Body, WeckMethod, Matt Nokes, Homer Bush, Aaron Miles, and numerous past […]