Little Known Way To Optimize Bat & Ball Exit Speeds By Rotating “Under Load” (not what you think) In today’s video, you’ll learn how to fix your flat feet… …(insert record scratch sound effect)… “Wait a cotton pickin’ minute, so you’re showing me a video on how to correct ‘flat feet’?!  How is this suppose […]

How To Shorten A Swing Like Kris Bryant… Ask any “self-proclaimed” hitting coach what a “short swing” is, and you’ll get many differing interpretations. I think the problem is found in the debate of feel versus real. If you ask professional and MLB hitters what they’re trying to do, and they’ll use phrases like: “I’m […]

Scientific Truth Every Coach Ought to Know About Using Batting Weights To Warm-up In The On-Deck Circle This post may blow the minds of those that didn’t get the memo… Chris Dozer, who’s father to one of my 10yo online lesson students, sent the following Wall Street Journal article titled: “Watching Your Weight Before Hitting […]

Get Rid of Pitch Recognition, Plate Discipline, & Timing Challenges Once and For All  In this post, I answer the following three fan questions: How do you practice picking up the pitch early? Do you have players swing at everything during batting practice or let them be selective? What drills are good for teaching a […]

Where A Higher Batting Average Can Be Cultivated AND How To Get It (An Over-The-Shoulder Look)… Part 1 – Dramatically Cut Your Hitter’s Learning Curve In Half By Doing This…  Part 2 – Dramatically Reduce Time To Impact Without Losing Power Part 3 – [You Are Here] How To Develop Powerful Wrist Snap Like Hank Aaron (Is Devastating […]