Audio Interview Talking About: 2nd Edition of Catapult Loading System Book, REAL Science Versus “Bro-science”, Difference Between Hitting Principles Versus Theories, Improving Hitters, & More James Ernest from The Grueling Truth recently interviewed me on his sports podcast episode, “Sports of All Sorts: Joey Myers Author of “The Catapult Loading System” Baseball Hitting Book”.  Thanks […]

‘Showing Numbers’ to Pitcher is a Quick Way to Solving Consistent Power Problem    Question: How does ‘Showing Numbers’ to the Pitcher Effect Bat Speed at Impact versus ‘NOT Showing’ them? Using the Zepp (Labs) Baseball app, I wanted to use the Scientific Method to analyze if a hitter showing their numbers to the […]

Controversial Swing Experiment Video: What Happens To Ball Exit Speeds When We Eliminate Use Of Lower Half? Do you consider yourself an open minded coach?  If not, then this post MAY NOT be for you. Do you consider yourself a coach willing to try new movements before criticizing them?  If not, then this post MAY NOT […]

Here is a Method Helping Mike Trout Stay Calm Under Pressure (Dr. Tom Hanson Interview) Tony Robbins has said that success is 80% psychology, 20% mechanics.  Certified Hypnotist and creator of the cartoon comic strip Dilbert, Scott Adams, has said humans are irrational 80% of the time, in his recent book: Win Bigly: Persuasion in a […]

Can You Help Take The Headache Out Of College Recruiting? Do you consider yourself a generous person?  Yes?  Good. Recently, I received the following college recruiting ask from one of my avid readers, Alan Rudy: “Hey Joey, I don’t want to step out of bounds but recruiting is wild and woolly.  Jack Renkens was invited […]