Where PRINCIPLED Coaching Is And How To Get It (Coaching Minds Podcast Interview with Justin Lewis) You just have to have a Growth Mindset. I wanted to share an interview I recently did on the Coaching Minds Podcast with Justin Lewis.  Somebody interviewed me for a change! 😀 There are a lot of things we covered […]

See How Easily You Can Fix a “Bleeding Barrel” This time of the season, I’m getting a lot of younger hitters starting their turn before the stride foot hits the ground. I ask them if they throw a baseball or softball before their stride foot hits the ground? Try it… Feels awkward doesn’t it?! Why […]

If You Don’t Pre-Hab or Rehab Your Ankles Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later I sought out to do a 4-week case study – on myself – to see what the Freo Board could do for the chronic tightness on the inside of my right knee. This was caused by playing 17 years of an unbalanced […]

David Weck & the WeckMethod are Turning Rotational Power Training on its Head   You asked for it! I had quite a few of my readers ask me about the WeckMethod of training by David Weck.  Btw, David is the inventor of the Bosu Ball, for those that train athletes for a living.  And the […]

How To Turn Your Fixed Mindset Into A Growth Mindset (and WHY your Hitters will THANK YOU later)… Nothing is more frustrating – and disappointing – than running into a Fixed Mindset coach… All you get are excuses…excuses…EXCUSES!! Think about the Fixed and Growth Mindsets, from Dr. Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, like the operating system […]