In This Andrew McCutchen Baseball Hitting Video (2 of 4),    …of the Do This For Longer Drives series, we're going to: Discuss when barring the front arm is okay, Explore the science of spinning fast, See how effective The Cutch is at turning, and Look at how to work on this at home. CLICK HERE to watch the […]

In This Andrew McCutchen Video (1 of 4),   …We're going to look at how ‘Cutch' (5'10” 190 lbs*) used Science to beat Paul Goldschmidt (6'3″, 245 lbs*) for the 2013 NL MVP.  McCutchen has to stay close to human movement science in order to compete with big guys like Goldschmidt. (*according to In this […]

Baseball Hitting Tips: Barry Bonds Getting Shorter

In This Baseball Hitting Tips Video,   …we're going over how To use the body – not the hands – to get “on-plane” with the pitch, Barry Bonds makes hitting the long ball look easy, and Most young hitters get the #1 long ball secret wrong (and how to correct it). A few weeks ago I […]

In This Softball Hitting Tips Video,   …We'll be talking about softball hitting tips that work well for baseball too. What happens when a hitter doesn't optimally use the Conserving Angular Momentum to fit a softball or baseball swing outcome: Problems and compensations, and What you can do to fix it. This video compares a… […]

Robinson Cano Baseball Hitting Mechanics Video Reveals...

In This Baseball Hitting Mechanics Video,   …We're comparing the “Fight” position of one of my young hitters to Robinson Cano. You'll discover a little known technical flaw limiting explosive rotational power. Cleaning this up gears the body for a more effective turn. We're going over: What is an optimal “Fight Position” Hitter compensations associated […]