In This Baseball Hitting Mechanics Video,   …I analyze one of my eighth graders Zack, and we uncover the #1 simple tip can overcome bad hitting technique: “How to make your everyday stance your fight stance, and your fight stance your everyday stance” – Musashi, a famous Japanese Samurai swordsman The Snapping Towel Effect: getting the […]

In the Final PART 3 How To Run Faster: Agility Training Video Series, …I bring you on a nickel tour of what I use to hammer speed and agility training into my baseball athletes. In a Step-By-Step breakdown of speed mechanics, here's some of what Jim Kielbaso and the IYCA covers in the Course: Arm […]

In PART-2 Speed Training: How-To Run Faster Video,   …We'll go over The Wall Drill, which is actual content INSIDE the course, particularly the: Setup, AND How-to do the drill. I get emails from my HPL readers asking about what I use for speed training, and… With how much time I spend researching hitting and […]

In The PART-1 How To Run Faster Video, You'll Learn:   How Jim Kielbaso* teaches acceleration mechanics, Coaching cues, and How you can do this yourself. *Jim Kielbaso was brought on to teach the University of Kentucky Basketball team speed training and agility training before their National Championship season in 2012. I've received quite a […]

In This Baseball Hitting Drill Video,   …We discuss the #1 way to hitting for consistent power by analyzing one of my younger hitters Braden: Before and after swing, The Un-Weighting Principal, and What baseball hitting drill to work on next.   Before & After Swing It's so fun to see young men – like […]