See How Easily You Can Fix a “Bleeding Barrel” This time of the season, I’m getting a lot of younger hitters starting their turn before the stride foot hits the ground. I ask them if they throw a baseball or softball before their stride foot hits the ground? Try it… Feels awkward doesn’t it?! Why […]

If You Don’t Pre-Hab or Rehab Your Ankles Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later   I sought out to do a 4-week case study – on myself – to see what the Freo Board could do for the chronic tightness on the inside of my right knee. This was caused by playing 17 years of an […]

David Weck & the WeckMethod are Turning Rotational Power Training on its Head   You asked for it! I had quite a few of my readers ask me about the WeckMethod of training by David Weck.  Btw, David is the inventor of the Bosu Ball, for those that train athletes for a living.  And the […]

How To Turn Your Fixed Mindset Into A Growth Mindset (and WHY your Hitters will THANK YOU later)…   Nothing is more frustrating – and disappointing – than running into a Fixed Mindset coach… All you get are excuses…excuses…EXCUSES!! Think about the Fixed and Growth Mindsets, from Dr. Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, like the operating […]

Now Your Hitters Can Have Power Without Starting The Kinetic Chain At The Feet I briefly viewed a hitting instructional video on YouTube the other day that one of my readers sent me (Thanks Joe), …I won’t share who did the video, so as not to cause any embarrassment. Like what was being illustrated in the […]