“How Do You Get Kids To Buy Into These Movements When Every Hitting Instructor In The Area Is Teaching Robotic, Sequential Hitting Positions?” In this girls softball hitting tips video, we answer the reader question above. (By the way, this information is applicable to baseball as well.) We’ll go over: Hypnosis: GOOD or BAD? Internal […]

“What Baseball Batting Drills Work For Stopping Dipping Of The Back Shoulder?”   PLEASE NOTE: this baseball batting drills post presupposes the hitter is getting an extreme barrel vertical angle at impact.  In other words, they’re dissecting the pitch plane from down to up.  There are natural elements to dipping the back shoulder…this article goes […]

6 Shocking Mistakes Killing Baseball Hitting Mechanics for Youth at Stride Landing After posting the “Fastpitch Softball Hitting Mechanics: Different Than Baseball? How?” rant on my Facebook fan page, I received the following baseball hitting mechanics for youth comments about the front knee behavior after landing… “The locked out front knee is a more consistent method […]

How To Turn Fastpitch Softball Hitting Mechanics Into A High Level Baseball Swing…Can It Be Done?   (WARNING: this fastpitch softball hitting mechanics post is a mini-RANT, about 2,000+ words, so please set aside about a 10-min reading time)… I received this email the other day: “I cringe when see hitting programs that are designed […]

A Simple Way To Train Pitch Recognition That Works For Collegiate & Pro Hitters   Dr. Peter Fadde applies sports science to batting drills focusing on pitch recognition.  He’s a Professor in Learning Systems Design & Technology at Southern Illinois University. CLICK HERE for a great case study featured in the Baseball Collegiate Newspaper titled, “Pitch Recognition […]