Fastpitch Softball Hitting Tips: Get Rid Of Timing Problems Once & For All   This is Part-1 of a 3-part fastpitch softball hitting tips (works well for baseball too) video series coming straight out of the Reaction Time Mastery online video course… Sick of struggling to get your hitters on-time, balanced, and keeping high Ball Exit Speeds, especially […]

(WARNING: this baseball hitting drills for kids post is a 4,500+ word beast, but your hitters will be grateful you took the time, believe me.  Don’t worry, you can thank me later) PLEASE NOTE: even though I refer to the keywords “baseball hitting drills for kids” in this post quite a bit, it’s not going […]

There are Big Results in Baseball Vision Training & Technology (Works for Softball Hitters Too!)… I have the honor and privilege of introducing baseball vision training expert Dr. Keith Smithson to you… What does he do? I HIGHLY recommend, CLICKING HERE for a piece the Washington Post did about his baseball vision training, titled, “Washington Nationals […]

Effective Velocity Helped Carlos Pena to Get On-Time & to Swing Effectively I’ve just put together a NEW online video course called Reaction Time Mastery, where we dig into the FOUR following topics: Forward Momentum (FoMo), Vision, Tracking, and Timing… The Reaction Time Mastery online video course will help hitters track pitches crystal clear, accelerate decision-making reaction […]

Question: Does The BackSpin Batting Tee Help Hitters Elevate The Ball?   In this baseball batting cage drills experiment using the Backspin batting tee, I wanted to use the Scientific Method to analyze what would happen to a hitter’s spray chart (ME!!) by taking: 100 swings using a conventional tee (ATEC Single Tuffy Tee), versus Taking another 100 swing […]