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How To Get Hitters On-Time Using The ‘Standard Artillery Round Adjustment Method’

Nick Coast Stats

Hitting Lessons From A Primary Firearms and Tactical Instructor? In this post, I want to share a testimonial from one of the dads who drove up from San Diego (about 7-hour drive to me) with his two sons, Alex and Nick, to hit with me for a weekend, about 9 months ago. Both young men are playing at the highest…

Softball Hitting Tips For Beginners: How To Turn NO Improvement Into Outstanding Results

Softball Hitting Tips for Beginners: 5 Little Known Ways To Improve Hitters A great softball hitting tips for beginners question came in recently, from a reader (relates well to baseball too)… “What percentage of hitters that you have coached got no improvement or no benefit from your program? How many swings per day would you recommend for a 10yr old…

Girls Softball Hitting Tips: How To Get Hitters To Buy Into The System

“How Do You Get Kids To Buy Into These Movements When Every Hitting Instructor In The Area Is Teaching Robotic, Sequential Hitting Positions?” In this girls softball hitting tips video, we answer the reader question above. (By the way, this information is applicable to baseball as well.) We’ll go over: Hypnosis: GOOD or BAD? Internal v. external cues, and Listing…

Baseball Vision Training That Bryce Harper Is Talking About

There are Big Results in Baseball Vision Training & Technology (Works for Softball Hitters Too!)… I have the honor and privilege of introducing baseball vision training expert Dr. Keith Smithson to you… What does he do? I HIGHLY recommend, CLICKING HERE for a piece the Washington Post did about his baseball vision training, titled, “Washington Nationals Go Beyond The Eye Chart…

8 Exercises To Help Fix Hitting Imbalances In 16-Weeks

The Imbalance Risks Hiding In Your Swing In this post, I want to answer the following reader suggestion for future content on the HPL  blog: “Exercises for imbalances created by hitting.” I include the following corrective exercise strategy in The Truth About Explosive Rotational Power online video DIY hitting course. And part of The Feedback Lab online video lesson program…

How-To Optimize Learning At Home

17 Little Known Ways to Optimize Learning at Home What follows is a recommended post for my parents who jump into my online lesson program The Feedback Lab. I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and study into the science of successful learning over the last two years, and wanted to share 17 quick down-and-dirty tips with you. As many…

Baseball Hitting Drills For Youth: DO NOT Be “That Guy”

How to Become a Hitting Expert When You Come Across “That Guy” (Baseball Hitting Drills For Youth Included)… So, this is what I have to deal with on a weekly basis… I also want to apologize in advance, this is a little bit of a rant. Before going into the baseball hitting drills for youth, here’s some context, It all…

Softball Batting Tips to STOP Flying Open & Get Front Foot Down on Time (Hit-Bit #4)

Why ‘Old School’ Softball Batting Tips Fail And Science Succeeds This softball batting tips “Hit-Bit”, or hitting tid-bit, is an answer to questions from my readers when I asked them, “If you could have a private conversation with me, what two questions would you ask?”  The answers are meant to be short, actionable, and tips you can use today. Today’s Hit-Bit…

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