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Why I Ask Questions (And Maybe You Should Too) Interview With Speed Coach Lee Taft

“Rules are for the Obedience of Fools and the Guidance of Wise Men.” – Douglas Bader This is the second in a 3-part interview series… PART-1: BackSpin Batting Tee: The Ugly Truth Interview with Taylor Gardner, PART-2: [YOU ARE HERE] Why I Ask Questions (And Maybe You Should Too) Interview with Speed Coach Lee Taft, and PART-3: Improve Your “BatterZeye” In…

Mental Approach To Hitting: “Failing Forward”

“Failing Forward” Like Derek Jeter, Reggie Jackson, & Michael Jordan This was a “rough draft” inspirational speech I did for my local Toastmasters group about “Failing Forward”… Sorry audio isn’t as good as my other videos. I wrote it for my parents, coaches, and hitters who are struggling through the hitting process. CLICK HERE for my speech cliff notes. Big thanks…

How To Turn Throwing 86-mph Into 95-mph In 8-Months…With Nutrition

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on gaining power faster through nutrition: Part 1 – [You Are Here] – How To Turn Throwing 86-mph Into 95-mph In 8-Months…With Nutrition… Part 2 – The Right Nutrient Timing, Gain Power Faster! Part 3 – Nutrition Optimization To Throw Faster and Hit Bombs – The Throw Cheese Nutrient System Zach contacted me over email one…

Cage Bombs: How-To Identify & Fix A “5 O’Clock” Hitter

Okay, in all seriousness… I received an email from a reader named Garrett, …in response to a post I did, titled: “What Every Coach MUST Know About Giving Feedback To Hitters”. This post will identify and fix a “5 O’Clock” hitter…   Identifying a “5 O’Clock” Hitter What is a “5 O’Clock” Hitter? One who ONLY “shows up” for batting practice, but…

Batting Timing Drills: 2 Little Known Ways To Get “On-Time”

The Sooner You Know These Batting Timing Drills The Better Take a guess at one of the biggest hitting frustrations is, according to my readers? Timing! Probably not a shocker because your hitters probably struggle with this as well.  Mine do! I always tell my hitters, the most efficient mechanics in the world don’t mean a thing, if a hitter’s…

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