A Simple Way To Make Adjustments, Build Swing Tempo, AND Elevate The Ball That Works For Mike Trout & Josh Donaldson I have a treat for you… A “grab-bag” of golden nuggets… The following 11 hitting tips come from my most popular social media non-HPL links of 2016. To give you an idea, I typically promote […]

The ‘Hip Thrust’ That Matt Nokes Is NOT Talking About In this Matt Nokes post, I wanted to bust a MYTH that Homer Bush brought up in his interview last week… And that is… The MYTH that rotating the back hip through the zone is necessary for power. This past week, I re-tweeted this from @HyattCraig (who is […]

Low Pitch Hacking With Homer Bush I first met Homer Bush over the Socials a year or so ago… He followed me on Twitter, so I followed him. (CLICK HERE to check him out on FanGraphs.com) What caught my attention was that he had an intriguing book out, which we’ll cover shortly. Homer Bush was not a […]

Cutting Down On Hitting Slump Length & Frequency With Dr. Tom Hanson’s Expertise You guys know Dr. Tom Hanson right?! He wrote an impressive book on the mental part of hitting with Ken Ravizza called Heads Up Baseball: Playing The Game One Pitch At A Time in the 90’s, which both authors will be releasing […]

  This was a technical presentation that I gave to my local Toastmasters club about HOW TO keep swing experiments objective. What we’re covering in the above video presentation: How important maintaining an objective process & avoiding the destruction cargo cult sciences causes, What is the scientific method? Evolution of my swing experiments (visit: http://gohpl.com/swingexperiment to learn how […]