Addison Russell Grand Slam Video Analysis

Addison Russell Grand Slam Video: The Anatomy Of A Dinger   I had quite a few people ask me what I thought of Addison Russell’s grand slam in game-6 of the 2016 World Series. I had just missed it minutes before taking my family (wife, 4yo, & 7-month old) to get pizza, where not one […]

How To Get Pitch Plane Domination Out Of Minimal Back Foot Rotation   I wanted to do a follow up on the Matt Nokes post from a few weeks ago. I received quite a few emails, like the following, from coaches who were a little confused as to what Nokes’s referred to as ‘back foot sideways’… So […]

A Simple Way To Make Adjustments, Build Swing Tempo, AND Elevate The Ball That Works For Mike Trout & Josh Donaldson I have a treat for you… A “grab-bag” of golden nuggets… The following 11 hitting tips come from my most popular social media non-HPL links of 2016. To give you an idea, I typically promote […]

The ‘Hip Thrust’ That Matt Nokes Is NOT Talking About   In this Matt Nokes post, I wanted to bust a MYTH that Homer Bush brought up in his interview last week… And that is… The MYTH that rotating the back hip through the zone is necessary for power. This past week, I re-tweeted this from @HyattCraig (who […]

Low Pitch Hacking With Homer Bush I first met Homer Bush over the Socials a year or so ago… He followed me on Twitter, so I followed him. (CLICK HERE to check him out on What caught my attention was that he had an intriguing book out, which we’ll cover shortly. Homer Bush was not a […]